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November 2017
City Councillors rudely
ganged up on Boushy
by Bernice Rade
First Monday
Petrolia investigating while Sarnia’s putting lipstick on a pig
Let me suggest Misek – Evans colluded to get rid of mayor Mike Bradley early in her ten- ure. She interviewed Council- lors individually deciding which ones would implement her tax and spend agenda.
Manny Baron, Margaret Misek – Evans and Dianne Gould – Brown have a problem.
They desire it, they crave it and they will do anything to keep it.
Baron is a classic.
He’s alleged to own properties in Petrolia and then leased them back to his employer, the Town of Petrolia.
Can you spell conflict of interest?
I thought you could.
Baron is on administrative leave with pay pending an inves- tigation. Watch for the pay por- tion to go away along with the Chief Administrative Officer.
The Petrolia Independent noted not only did Baron fail to disclose his ownership in a building at 395 Fletcher Street in Petrolia for which he was col- lecting $2,500.00 per month but appears to have lied. The Independent says Baron told Councillors that local developer Horst Ricter owned the build- ing when in fact his numbered company appeared to be an owner.
What it boils down to is a fail- ure to divulge relevant informa- tion that could lead to a conflict of interest.
Baron’s case appears obvious.
Misek – Evans and Gould – Brown’s not so much.
Thus we have the Fab 5, Matt Mitro, Cindy Scholten – Holt, Anne Marie – Gillis, Brian White and Bev MacDougall.
Misek – Evans knew which Councillors would carry her mantle when she brought in the Integrity Commissioner and a high-powered Missis- sauga lawyer to lay harassment charges against the mayor. She also knew which ones would support her personal legal bills, which exceed $30,000.00.
Her harassment debacle has cost Sarnia taxpayers at least $400,000.00.
The last time Gould – Brown claimed the mayor was harass- ing her Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze showed up at $280.00 an hour. He flew in from Toronto.
He refused to divulge his outrageous bill claiming it wasn’t my business. Since then I checked the name on my municipal tax notice and it is mine. I doubt Swayze could do the same.
I could go on about how bureaucrats like Baron, Misek – Evans and Gould – Brown view themselves as untouchable.
The lack of paper ballots in next year’s municipal election was orchestrated in the back offices of Sarnia’s well - fortified City Hall. Misek – Evans had it rubber-stamped by her carefully selected Council to the detri- ment of seniors, the computer
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Several delegations attended he meeting of Sarnia Council on Oct. 23, 2017. It was interesting to note that councillors were most agree- able to requests made by each del- egation. In fact, councillors’ com- ments made it quite obvious that an election isn’t too far off.
Councillor Mike Kelch chaired the meeting in the absence of the mayor. I’d hoped he could put the lid on councillors’ ramblings on almost every item. Each had to have his or her say even if it was simply repeating what was already stated. I was disturbed by what appeared to be rude interruptions by councillors when Alderman Boushy attempted to make a point as well as what looked like the chair was cutting him off and not let- ting him finish what he wanted to
convey. However, all others were allowed to go on and on and on ~ ad nauseam. Hey, Cindy Scholten, Matt Mittro, and Andy Bruziewicz provided a valuable lesson with respect to paper garbage bags. I learned that if they aren’t picked up promptly, the bottoms will fall out and the leaves will scatter. Anne Marie Gillis told the story of her trip to Calgary and how garbage is dealt with there. That, in itself, made the 3 hours spent in the audi- ence worthwhile.
What bothered me was item M under Budget, a submission regarding the Procedure By-law Review which stated “That Sar- nia City Council receives a new Procedure By-law for information with consideration of endorsement
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Take moments to remember
Everyone wants to belong.
FIRST monday
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From the Fence
Membership was a source of pride, as it was for my broth- ers who were members of their own Cub Packs.
Together, every year, my mother would ensure all of us were presentable in our pressed uniforms and ready to go on November 11. She talked and lectured and educated with words like: respect, commu- nity, remember and faith. We learned from her what it meant to serve and observe, to remem- ber and honour.
I’m old enough that school children were still off school to observe the November 11 Remembrance Day services at the cenotaph in London. I’m also young enough to
When I was a schoolgirl, I was a Brownie. I dressed every Tuesday night in my starched brown cotton dress, pulled up my matching knee socks and tied my white and orange neckerchief properly under my chin (right over left and under – left over right and under) to achieve the precise square knot of the sharp-dressed Brownie.
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