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The Write Spot for a Writer to Write

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Thu, 05/02/2019 - 12:11 -- Phyllis Humby

Every man needs his getaway, or more appropriately his hideaway. Hubby laid claim to the entire unfinished basement of the new house for his Man Cave. Go for it, I told him. Creating this  mantuary kept him occupied all winter. A busy man is a happy man. That’s a saying, right? In our house it is.

I didn’t want a sprawling space to spend my private time. I preferred a cozy little nest. A coveted corner for me to write and read. Eyeing the small guest room, I knew I’d found it. Now we were both on a mission.

Since I no longer had the ancient eight-foot desk I’d worked at for decades, I opted for a small writing table that would fit under the tall window. Having a large desk is like carrying an oversized purse. Exactly like that. And it’s all about downsizing these days. Am I right?

The bookshelf unit snugged nicely into the corner of the room. That was easy. The sofa with chaise – not so much. The delivery guys would have carried it back to the truck in frustration if not for my desperate encouragement. Though all the ‘you can do its’ were really directed to the sofa, they finally coaxed the piece of furniture through the doorway. I patted and stroked the blue fabric as if rewarding a reluctant pet. It looked great next to the table and floor lamp. Fist pump excitement at this point.

Hubby took time-out from his downstairs construction to outfit the closet with shelves. Perfect for storage of everything that would otherwise make my nest messy. Add greenery, wall hangings, and Boom! – a charming little retreat. I couldn’t imagine it getting any better, until …

To clean the window blinds, I swung the desk away from the wall. A haphazard move that left it at an angle in the middle of the room. That evening, with my desk still askew, I enjoyed some computer time. The next morning on the way to the gym – I mean john – I stood in the doorway wiping the sleep from my eyes, and studied the position of my desk. It made the room look small and sat a little too close to the sofa, but there was something else. Something positive that I couldn’t explain.

I mentioned to hubby that it felt good – better? – working at my desk where it now sat. How could I feel more inspired working at my desk in the middle of the room, then when it was positioned under the window?

A thought hit me. I grabbed my tablet. Following the links, I discovered ‘Feng Shui for the Writer’s Desk: Four Easy Tips’ by Allena Tapia. Aha! What I read astounded me. My desk, pulled away from the window at an angle, now faced the southeast corner of the room. Would you believe this is the writing and creation corner in feng shui? (head smack) Wait, there’s more. According to this article, where my desk is sitting now is the ‘ideal command position’. It’s facing the southeast corner ✓, with a view of the doorway ✓, a solid wall behind me ✓, and a good view out of a window ✓. Four solid checks!

It also mentioned that the south wall of the room should hold or display diplomas, awards, accomplishments etc. Those shelves in the closet? Yep! Who knew??

The article suggested that a fern and tabletop water fountain in the southeast corner of the desk could potentially increase earnings and maximize energy. Yagottabekiddinme! My writing table is small so the gooseneck lamp will have to go. Worth it, I’d say. Besides, since I’ve always loved plants and the sound and sight of moving water, I can justify another little addition to my haven.

It crossed my mind that there might be an article entitled ‘Feng Shui for the Man Cave’. Judging how much hubby enjoys his refuge, there might already be some feng shui happening down there.

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