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Workplace violence and harassment

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 14:20 -- Anna Moscardeli

Workplace violence and harassment.  It’s a wonder how frequently we hear the term.  Do you ever stand back and just watch?  Facebook is a lovely place to get a great glimpse at it.  Facebook is just one area that brings out the worst in people.

It’s a wonder how many people will sit back and praise those who have done wrong to others, yet on the other hand they will share media reports on someone that he or she knows nothing about.  I have always been one to say, “because the media writes it, does that mean that it is accurate?”

One of the best news reporters in my opinion is Lee Michaels from Blackburn Radio, otherwise known as CHOK.  Not only is Lee one of the first to tell it accurately, but she does it with such spunk.  To me, she is what reporting should be, not like many others who print or speak on things that are sensationalized in order to bring about unnecessary conflict.  But hey, who wants to read “feel good stories” as they call them?  Lee, once you retire, you will be missed by so many.  I don’t think anyone could ever follow in your footsteps.  You are a true genuine, caring, humble human being. I know I am going to miss hearing you first thing in the morning.   Thanks for all the morning chuckles over the years.  Now back to my column.

Sadly we see workplace violence and harassment in so many places.  Schools, hospitals, retail stores, court offices and so many more.  I believe it happens more than we realize.  Some people are just out and out cruel and don’t give a rat’s tail about how they harm others as long as it puts them on a pedestal.  Years ago, when the Bill on Workplace violence and harassment was being introduced, I spoke to that committee and made my submission.  Years later as I sit back and watch what goes on, little has changed although many will say workplaces and times are better.  Are they?

What’s funny is that many seem to forget that “workplace violence and harassment” is more than those three words.   It also includes the treatment of others and how others are interpreting things.  “How did one person(s) make another feel?”  In many cases, it’s a wonder how some seem to just deny or minimize any wrongdoing or fail to look at their own selves to see how they had contributed to the situation. Sure, we have all said some people are overly sensitive.  To a degree that is true, however when it comes to direct, personal attacks that’s a whole different story.

Workplace violence and harassment is in our world more than you can imagine.  It is happening all over, not just at city hall where it has been a huge highlight in the media in 2018.  Before we all start to throw knives at one another, maybe we should look in our own back yards.  Just ask yourself “How many times have we done something that made someone feel uncomfortable?”  “Be kind to one another” is one of the slogans I hear quite frequently, yet many times I shake my head when I look on the outside and watch.  Those who claim to be genuine have been the most vindictive.  

The next time you or someone brings up workplace violence and harassment, ask yourself, “has something been done or said to someone else that makes or made that person feel sadness?”  When we hear about depression, maybe this is the first step in to realizing why the world can be such a cruel place not only for kids, but for many adults.  I always wonder how we can say that the “victim” has mental issues.  I see it as the perpetrator having the mental issues. Regardless of what line of work you are in, may we all be kinder to one another. Don’t always believe what you hear.  Busy bodies have nothing better to do than to cut down others so they can feel special. They seem to be always looking for a way to get someone else to do his or her dirty work.

With that, it is time to go and reflect on my 2018 dreams and goals and look to my new adventures coming in 2019.  The biggest highlight will be welcoming my first grandson in to this world.  Can’t wait for my little grandbaby to arrive.  Wishing you all health, happiness, and prosperity in 2019. Cheers!

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