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Since when is a million dollars a “pittance”?

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Tue, 10/03/2017 - 08:32 -- Chris Cooke

So, here is what we have learned since last month.

A fixed cost contract is not a fixed cost contract especially when it comes to boat ramps and completion of Centennial Park.

Apparently Councillor Matt Mitro believes another million or so at the waterfront money pit is a “pittance” and City Hall administration is so far into this sink hole that at $13 million he and his colleagues are all in.

What we have is the Fab Four plus Cindy Scholten – Holt who we suspect does not even live here any longer drinking the Chief Administrative Officer’s Kool Aid.  The general public seems to want Margaret Misek – Evans fired but instead she blunders on week after week chewing through reserves and seeking more cash for a seemingly mismanaged never-ending project.

Her latest request, which totals nearly a million dollars, includes $400,000.00 for boat ramps and $248,000.00 for fence rentals, security and vandalism remediation.

Which brings me to this.

Councillor Anne Marie Gillis assured me last month that the boat ramps were included in the contract and that “fixed costs are fixed costs”.

Apparently that is true until they aren’t.

And they aren’t when it has anything to do with Margaret Misek – Evans and her inability to get her arms around the financial money tree needed to finish Centennial Park. It is a disaster and unfortunately it is happening along the Sarnia waterfront at considerable taxpayer expense.

I’ve had at least a half dozen letters in recent days from boaters suggesting if you think the park is bad from shore take a look from Sarnia Bay. The Suncor Agora, the Rotary playground, a lot of ledge rock and a vast open field.

And yet Council buys into the ongoing story line from the Chief Public Servant. If she worked for me she would be gone by noon.

I take that back.

She is a public servant and she does work for me. Unfortunately she works for you too but nothing can be done until next year’s municipal election when Sarnia voters hopefully oust the Fab Four plus Cindy.

They are the Chief Public Servant’s power.

Let me suggest that without them rubber-stamping her expenditures for harassment lawyers, an integrity commissioner and the Centennial Park money hole the City would actually have some cash.

Last year Bev MacDougall was blown out in a second term as Warden of Lambton County. We suspect County politicians viewed her as tainted and didn’t want anything to do with her.  

MacDougall fears Sarnia voters will do the same at the next election. Apparently she can read the tealeaves.

If only Margaret Misek – Evans would do the same.

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