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Two amazing leaders retiring

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 12:34 -- Anna Moscardeli

Jenny Greensmith, Michelle Batty- we salute you for years of dedicated service to the Sarnia Lambton area.  Two more unsung hero’s that will leave huge marks after their retirement from the agencies in which they devoted countless years to.

Two leaders with different organizations.  Jenny who lead Pathways and Michelle who lead both the Sexual Assault Centre and the Woman’s Interval Home.  They are individuals who took organizations to remarkable levels that have served so many in the Sarnia Lambton communities.

 Jenny Greensmith was with Pathways for 20 years.  This organization provided much required services to children, youth and young adults that had physical development and communication needs. The assistance helped so many  achieve their potential for a better quality of life.

Jenny fought for so many families.  When services were being provided but middlemen were eating up monies for front line services she was able to gracefully stand up to “big” government powerhouses and put them in their place so  families received much needed services regardless of what the middleman or the powers above said.  She made sure those families were not “left out in the cold”.

Michelle Batty is a woman who was dedicated to helping victims of violence for over 40 years.  With Michelle, it was never “just for women”.  Michelle was there to advocate for anyone, be it men, women, children: she advocated for anyone who endured violence, which is why she was respected by so many.

Michelle’s quiet demeanor enabled her to teach and show victims how to take back their own power and stand up without being ashamed of past circumstances.  She was able to show so many how to progress in life.  Rather than walking around in shame, he or she gained the strength and courage to move forward in life while achieving unbelievable ambitions.  Michelle was the one who believed them when others dismissed his or her rightful claim.

Both women, whether advocating on behalf of children or adults, each worked diligently at making a difference.  With Jenny and Michelle, countless families were able to benefit from the services of all three agencies.  Both lead organizations that gave roles to others to assist in bringing joy and relief to make remarkable transitions in life for so many.  Many who would have given up, were able to continue on.
Their dedication has not gone unnoticed and both are amazing people.  

“May you both enjoy retirement to the fullest.  No doubt your successors will have big shoes to fill.  You will definitely be missed, and this community is appreciative of all that you have done.”

On closing, be ready to get gauged at the pumps again.  Summer is around the corner and as the temperature goes up, so does the price of gas at the pumps.  Sure, we hear it is because of the carbon tax, but every year we are given every excuse possible to why we are paying high prices. And like always, in my opinion, it’s a bunch of crap.  Just saying!

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