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Tips When Selling

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Tue, 04/03/2018 - 16:14 -- Mario Fazio

A few critical steps need to be followed when you attempt to sell your home for top dollar, and in a timely manner. Begin by letting go of the emotional attachment to your home, and try looking at it from a buyer’s perspective. Here are ten points to consider.

  1. Call an experienced and respected realtor to help with the process. If you don’t know one, ask people you trust to recommend someone. If necessary, interview several realtors and obtain their honest opinions.
  2. List the house for the right price. Take into account recent neighbourhood sales and current homes for sale, then price your house competitively. An over -priced house will sit on the market too long, often fetching less than its market value.
  3. As with most things, first impressions are very important when selling your home. Good curb appeal is a must. Look at your home’s exterior as a buyer would, and tidy up it’s appearance. A bit of painting, trim work, and simple fixes, may be all that it takes.
  4. Cleaning, tidying, and de-cluttering your home’s interior are not always easily accomplished while you are also living there. However, they are vital to ensure that the house is fresh and looks spacious .
  5. Staging your home to show off the rooms for their intended use, makes buyers imagine themselves living there. Also, remove any bulky or old and unnecessary furniture. Your realtor will be able to offer advice.
  6. Replace or correct all the little details that are old or out-dated with modern, stylish looking items such as fresh light fixtures, door handles , kitchen hardware, and old bulky window treatments.
  7. Send your pets to Grandma’s house for a mini vacation. Growling or barking dogs, lurking cats, as well as pet stains and odours, are a big turn off.
  8. Keep your kitchen and bathrooms sparkling clean. Restrict your gourmet cooking until after the house sells. Not everybody appreciates lingering exotic aromas.
  9. Correct and repaint any old or patched up holes. Replace worn out floors and tattered trim pieces. Neutral and light colours throughout, along with bright sun-filled rooms are always selling features.
  10. Once you’re ready, have your realtor take several high quality photos, showing off your home’s interior and exterior in it’s best possible light. A high percentage of buyers today will research properties online before deciding which they want to view. Fabulous pictures and descriptions of your home will draw buyers in to view it.

Being fully prepared, timing, and getting potential purchasers well qualified before viewing your home, will ensure the selling process is quick and less painful than you may think.

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