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Thanks to those who keep us safe

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 15:18 -- Anna Moscardeli

Yippie, it’s a boy. I’m now officially a grandma. Does that mean I qualify for discounts? Congrats to the Moscardelli and Najim clan as our family continues to expand. Welcome to the world baby Najii.

With that, I want to send out some words of appreciation. It’s been a strange winter so far. We’ve gone from hot to cold, to rain to snow. The weather has changed drastically right before our eyes. There are those occupations that have no other choice but to work in any condition. I felt a shout out was necessary for some of those that we take for granted. First, I’d like to acknowledge those who collect garbage and recyclables. On days when it was so cold with snow blowing all over, I wondered how these workers could still be on the roads.

There are also the rescue workers such as tow truck drivers. Heavy Rescue 401 is a show that has brought us closer to seeing the risks involved. Along side of them are the police, ambulance and fire trucks.

How about the teachers and principals that must travel to get to schools? We also have the works departments, the hydro workers and so many others that must go out to plow those roads, tend to a water main break, or fix a hydro line.

There are probably so many other occupations that I’ve missed, but know that myself and many others appreciate you for what you do to make sure that the rest of us are safe. We are told many times to stay off the roads if we don’t have to travel, but please there are some who cannot miss work, a specialist appointment or that cancer treatment.

I remember George (owner of Skeeter Barlows) put many of his workers up at the Forest hotel when the roads were too treacherous for them to travel a couple years back. There are probably many other feel good stories like this. To all that have made a difference, we say thank you for your kindness.

One last group that comes to mind are the homeless. For many of us, it is something that we couldn’t even imagine. Whether you believe in God or not, many of us are blessed to have the lives that we have, and we should be thankful.

Remember, although spring is around the corner the snow is probably here for another good month.

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