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Surveys and studies

Tue, 08/01/2017 - 13:54 -- Anna Moscardeli

That 10.5 million dollar payout was going to be my topic, but there’s other items that need to be brought to light.  One thing I have always noticed in my years of advocacy is that if you bring something to the forefront, it will get the attention it deserves.  

Years ago, getting it to the media usually garnered results.  Nowadays, it’s through social media.  Believe it or not, government offices have people every day that scour the newspaper, Facebook, etc., for negative feedback.  Get government attention and you’ll see changes.
Government from all levels are asking for input and to fill out surveys.  Have you ever seen government go with what the people want?  Not too often, even when there is an outcry.  Have a riot and then you’ll see action.  Yee Haw.

How many times have you gone online to fill out a survey or sent in a letter?  My advice is don’t… especially now.  Currently with elections coming around, government is out collecting your info only to send out what they call valuable information on what he/she or their party has done or will do.  What a crock.  

Here’s some recent surveys.  #1: The Provincial government wants your thoughts on how to deal with legalized pot in Ontario.  Oh my!  Many would probably say “smoke some you twits!”  #2: The City of Sarnia wants your thoughts on Jackson Pool.  Are they going to do what the people want?  Probably not.  Look at the Kinsmen Centre and Bakster Park.  The people spoke, the City didn’t listen.  They said they need more revenue.  Well here’s an idea.  Stop wasting money!  

In 2012 the government wanted a truck traffic study on the 402.  Remember all the almost weekly accidents on the stretch of highway between Indian Road and the Front Street overpass?  I do, because I travelled that highway at least twice a day.  The speed limit dropped from 100 to 80 kms and guess what: very few accidents.  But it appeared that those who seldomly used that road stated that there were too many speeding tickets being handed out.  I still remember Retired Sargent John Flesher getting in hot water for speaking out.  

Sure, it was crazy to have 80kms commencing at Airport Road, but it’s not crazy having it from Modeland to Indian Roads and then dropping it down to 60 km from Indian Road to the Bluewater Bridge (BWB).  It’s not rocket science to see what is going on.  First there are some trucks that put on their 4 ways, warning other vehicles of the backup, but then there are those who don’t for whatever reason.  You also have warning signs that say, “Watch for slow moving traffic”.  Half the times there is no traffic backed up so you get false warnings. With the large hill just before Christina Street as traffic is coming towards the bridge vehicles, usually trucks may be backed up leaving very little time for traffic to stop.  Why not drop the speed limit?  Instead, the MTO will probably ask for further input before making any changes.  Have they not learned from the current lawsuits involving Snow Plowing?  

Government asks for input and usually it falls by the wayside. What I leave you with is a current survey where the County is looking into improving internet services.  Money has been allocated and I can only hope that this bloody survey is not taking the bulk of the money.  All you need to know is this: How is your internet service?  Are you happy with your provider? Why or Why not?  You’ll hear from people what you need to know.

And that’s Anna Out Loud for this month signing off!

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