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Scholten-Holt is gone, Kelch is gone and soon the others will be too

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Tue, 08/07/2018 - 09:29 -- Chris Cooke

What is the old adage?

Don’t get mad, just get even.

Well, it appears Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley is about to get even. After four years of political stupidity and bureaucratic crap that cost him $15,000.00 personally and cost Sarnia taxpayers $411,000.00 Sarnia’s longest serving Mayor seems as popular as ever.

Hundreds turned out at the Legion last month to endorse the Mayor, sign his nomination papers and dismiss his detractors.

Especially Cindy Scholten – Holt, who was in the throes of announcing her departure from municipal politics after being the driving force behind four years of political turmoil at Sarnia City Hall. Yes, Cindy is climbing back into her hubby’s bush plane and flying off into the sunset to concentrate on her “marketing career” which according to her send off statement needs “strengthening”.

And she is doing all this with a slight tear in her eye after what she describes as four years of “challenges, triumphs and joys” at Sarnia City Hall. She fails to mention that she created the challenges, authored the procedural bylaw that controlled public input and as a political disruptor didn’t have a hope in Hell’s chance of getting re-elected.

Scholten-Holt was at least sharp enough to figure out that her political demise began when she opened her mouth four years ago and slid into oblivion when she joined with her Council colleagues (the Fab 5) to destroy the Mayor.

But even on the way out she can’t shut up. She keeps showing up in letters to the Sarnia Journal touting her social media accomplishments at City Hall.

“Improved social media presence with 147,785 people engaged and 2,788,506 impressions on the City’s Facebook page, with another 576,700 impressions on Twitter, just to name a few” Scholten-Holt boasted.

Her boast came the same week Facebook lost $100 billion in value and Twitter shares fell off a cliff.

As if anyone but Scholten-Holt gives a damn.

Mike Kelch read the political tea leaves and came to the same conclusion. He like Scholten-Holt are on the wrong side a reality.

Unfortunately, the rest fail to appreciate that the voting public has had enough of them and their stupidity.

Will someone kindly tell me what Matt Mitro is thinking? He along with Bev MacDougall, Andy Bruziewicz and Brian White are actually seeking re-election.

What could they possibly be thinking?

Do they really believe voters are suffering from amnesia? That they won’t remember the harassment charges against the Mayor. They won’t remember the $411,000.00 blown away on lawyers and an Integrity Commissioner, more staff and less service, higher debt and a soaring budget.

Do they really believe voters will forgive and forget?

Mitro, who step son in law holds a plumb position in the burgeoning IT department at City Hall needs to forget about politics and go back to installing garage doors.

Besides being a disruptor on City Council can anyone tell me what Brian White does?

No, I didn’t think so.

Then there is MacDougall and Bruziewicz, the twins who got blown out in a quest for a second term as Warden and wannabe Deputy Warden of Lambton County Council. After filing harassment charges against the Mayor County politicians wanted nothing to do with them.

And so there we have it.

Anne Marie Gillis will barely register in her quest for Mayor. No one has heard of Fred Ingham and Kip Cuthbert who fall into the also ran category. And then there are 41 mostly newbies seeking eight Council seats.

That tells you everything you need to know about Sarnia voters in this election year. The worst Council in Sarnia’s history is heading to the bone yard.

The first order of business for the new Council will be to fire Chief Administrative Officer Margaret Misek-Evans and her sidekick Clerk Dianne Gould-Brown.

Whatever it costs to get rid of this pair will be the best money Sarnians ever spent.

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