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Politics and Real Estate

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 08:24 -- Anna Moscardeli

Hummmmm....This month do I talk about politics or do I talk about a recent home sale.  Although First Monday has monthly columns focusing on real estate, I decided that I would talk about one of my recent home sales with my seller’s encouragement and permission to write about it.

I have no qualms about disclosing to people that I have been selling real estate for only 3 and a half years.  Some say I am inexperienced.  That is in the eye of the beholder.  I know many real estate agents who are “young” in the business, yet they are some of the best, most caring people who go out of their way to give the utmost care to their buyers and sellers.  I also know some “part timers” in the business who are amazing and sharp. Like every industry, there is good and bad.  People choose their agents for many different reasons, and we in the industry need to respect that.  

It has been what we call a seller’s market for a while now.  Many buyers, yet a lack of homes which is a contributing factor to driving up the housing prices.  Good old supply and demand.  

Last year, about 8 of my listings went in to competition. It was great for my sellers.  Mind you, we dealt with many competing offers on the buyers end too.  Some that we lost out on, and a few that we were surprised to have gotten “a steal of a deal”.  Just because someone is going in to competition, doesn’t mean that you will pay a higher than list price.  

Recently I listed a home.  As experienced professionals we do our research, and pretty much know where something could and should be priced. Many of us call it “positioning the home in the market”.  However, sometimes we are just as shocked as the public when we see what some properties have sold for.

With my seller, she was an agent herself many years ago but gave it up.  With her recent listing, my seller got an eye opener at multiple offers and “How things have changed,” so she says.  

In this situation, a professional photographer was brought in, the house was staged, the home was listed, signs were put up, and an agent inspection was put on the system which was followed by a 2-day public open house.  Many of us in the field now believe that exposing a property for at least four days in this market will give the seller much exposure needed for many buyers to see the new listing.  For us, this listing brought in 7 offers.  

Many believe that we get paid too much or they feel like we don’t do a lot.  Unfortunately, many do not see what we do behind the scenes.  It does take a lot to do our jobs.   Just like many other jobs, some will not see many of the tasks involved to bring a sale from start to finish nor will they see the costs we incur, however that is a part of doing business.  In our career, for many there is no such thing as 9 to 5.  Our phones and emails can be going at all hours of the day and night.  For many of us, we love the occupation and it reflects in our relationships with our clients.

In real estate, being in the business for many years or being a full-time realtor doesn’t mean you are better than someone else.  Building trust with your fellow agents, clients and customers is what matters.  A few very highly respected agents have given me some words of wisdom such as, “you need to feel good about what you do.”  “You are going to get eaten alive in this business.”  “People will learn to respect you because you did the right thing for him or her.”

  At the end of the day, your relationship with your client and how the public perceives us is what matters.  Go out and do the job and do it to the best of your ability.  Respect others, but don’t allow yourself to be trampled over.

Too my fellow agents who I have come to respect, thank you.  To my many clients who have become friends, thank you.  And to my seller in this story, thank you for pushing me to write this column and thank you for believing in me.  

Ok, I must get just a wee bit of politics in my column.  Who do you think will win the next Provincial Election?

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