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Thu, 08/30/2018 - 10:20 -- Anna Moscardeli

Love him or hate him, he’s in, and no we are not talking about Mayor Mike.  I’ll leave that to Chris Cooke and some of the others.  Doug Ford is who I’m talking about.

It’s great chatting with people to hear how they are feeling.  Some complain about the cost of everything and when things get cut, they still complain.  So which way do you want it?  Unfortunately, we can’t have everything we want.

Since being in office, Doug Ford has brought up a buck a beer.  I thought “man that’s cool”, but I guess I didn’t read the fine print.  Isn’t it sad when you see light beer selling for almost the same price as regular beer.  Bud light is a prime example.  Anyway, let me move away from that topic and move on the cut of “welfare” or what is known as “ODSP” (or years ago called Mothers Allowance.)

I for one, many, many moons ago did collect assistance as “temporary help”. It helped me to get from point A to point B.  I was grateful for it and used it positively.  Sadly, not everyone does that.  Sure, we can say there are the few and far in between that relied on it for eons, or those who are generation after generation on the system, however there are ways to use the system as a temporary opportunity to assist on getting ahead.  The Circles Program is one of those terrific programs.

Here’s a thought.  Businesses are struggling because of minimum wage increases.  And don’t fool yourself by thinking the cost of basic living didn’t increase with minimum wage.  Wake up people and smell the coffee.  Price differences need to be made up somewhere, so the way to recover those costs was to raise prices.  Why not allow those who are out working to keep more of their “cheque” rather than deducting from it?  With them working, they are contributing and are benefiting personally.  On the flip side, bring down some of the taxes that employers are paying.  How many times do you hear people at the end of two weeks looking at his or her paycheque shocked at how much is deducted?  

Mr. Ford has said that he will freeze public servant workers pay.  Again, many people complain.  Have you ever looked at the sunshine list?  How is it that someone can receive a pay raise of $25,000?  Some people don’t even make that in a year.  We need to make sure that politicians’ salaries are frozen too.

Tell me, if Mr. Ford froze some of these wages, giving the money to front line workers and services, would you complain then?  Too many of these organizations are top heavy and they have been for years.  Money is dispersed, and by the time it hits the front-line workers or goes torward the services needed, the money is all used up.

I say “Doug Ford, go to town”.  Although many may disagree, Andrea Horvath is never going to be happy with anything done.

Also, I want to touch on a couple other things.  Recently a demonstration was held at Queens Park by approximately 1000 teachers which “they do not speak for all the teachers” as many of my teacher friends have stated.  They are against the sex education going backwards and will continue to teach the new curriculum with the union standing behind them.  If a teacher told a student to do something, and a student said no, how do you think that would pan out?  What are we teaching students?  I understand the teacher’s stance, however, kids learn from what they see and follow in other’s footsteps.

The other one is Justin Trudeau saying that they are bringing in another holiday, this time for those who went thru residential schools.  Most will say, why do we want to remember the hardships, instead just make sure some of these areas have clean drinking water and proper housing.  I agree.  What is a holiday going to do?

The summer is ending, and kids are returning to school.  People please be careful on the roads.  


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