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Nothing is for free

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 16:36 -- Anna Moscardeli

Over the years the competition bureau has gone after companies for questionable practices against consumers.  It’s all over the internet… the Competition Bureau has accused furniture stores of deceptive marketing practices, along with certain gas stations for colluding with other gas stations for “price-fixing.”  There are even stories of consumers paying a much higher price for concert tickets than advertised.  It’s something that many tend to question.  

For years we always got a chuckle watching my mother skimming every receipt and watching every item being scanned or rung in.  Do you notice how we really don’t see the price as it’s being rung in on a closer scale as it use to be?  Many times, my mother would point out the obvious overpriced items, but we always thought it was just her mind going bonkers.  Well guess what, we were wrong.

Over the years we started to keep an eye out, and would notice that some things did not ring up as advertised. Embarrassment would set in as you’d point out to the clerk that you were overcharged.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am finding that since this January, more and more items appear to be different at the cash that what was marked on the rack.  Notice how some items do not have price stickers any more?  

Just the other day I was in London shopping only to find that the cash register had scanned the wrong price.  It wasn’t until I left the store that I checked my receipt thinking “damn, that was a lot of tax on that bill.”  Sure enough, I was overcharged ten dollars.  When I went back to the store, the clerk was apologetic, but doesn’t it make you wonder how this happens?

People are human and mistakes happen, but for the heck of it, keep an eye on your receipts and see if you notice anything.  Sadly it’s not just you that has been overbilled, everyone else that bought that item has as well. Things are tough for many, especially since minimum wage went up.  Yes, minimum wage went up, and so did everything else.   

An election is around the corner and I am watching keenly what will happen.  I chuckle listening to the Liberals chastising Doug Ford, yet don’t forget the many scandals that the Liberals have been involved in.  From gas scandals, the Ontario Health Premium, delisting OHIP covered Health services, eHealth, the Liberal Slush Fund, the OLG scandal, Cancer Care Ontario, and so many more.  Just google it before you vote and see whether you want to see the Liberal government in there one more term.  Many people have forgotten about those scandals.  

We hear so many times, “People must decide to buy food or pay their hydro bills” but our province is basically exporting hydro for almost peanuts.

Take note folks, all these freebees that are being promised, someone will have to pay for them.  I bet my bottom dollar you will see either an increase in the PST portion of the HST on the gas tax, carbon tax, health tax, or somewhere else.  WE WILL PAY, NOTHING IS FOR FREE.  For those who think that free dental, drugs and everything else will be great, mark my words, you will be crying the blues about how bad things are for you and your family.  The only time you will see free handouts is before an election and after the election, hang on to your woollies because you are definitely going to feel the crunch.  Just go read over some of your Facebook posts and see what you had to say over the last four years.  No doubt after the election, you will see new taxes coming out.  

How many more companies will close?  How many more people will lose his or her jobs while others will believe that he or she is entitled to another $30,000 per year pay raise.  Go tell that to someone who couldn’t afford to put food on the table or buy their child a new pair of shoes.

Hold on for the ride folks because it is going to get really messy.

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