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New home builders

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Mon, 03/04/2019 - 15:26 -- Mario Fazio

Sarnia -Lambton has  between 150-200 new homes built and sold every year. Each and every one of them should come with a new home Tarion warranty. But remember that although the warranty is always identical for every builder,there are good builders and poor builders, as well as inexpensive builders and overly expensive builders. The warranty is only as good as the builder behind it. Getting a builder that will come back and service your needs is important. Most new builders must take several courses from an accredited college, and must pass exams. However, many builders, operating before mandatory courses, have learned from trial and error. The whole Tarion program is being examined and big changes are coming soon to the requirements of builders and the warranty itself. The building code is a minimum standard, or guide- line, that is readily achieved, yet not necessarily the best way to build.  The process of finding a new home location and builder can be extremely confusing, and I have heard many horror stories after the fact..  I have been involved with new homes and new home sales for 40 years as a real estate broker., I have represented many different builders over the years, and have assisted numerous buyers with navigating through the intricacies of building a custom home, ensuring they get what they bargained for. I also continuously take upgrade building courses to help me better understand the new home technologies and systems. I believe that some of the homes built in Sarnia-Lambton, that are properly constructed, are among the best built homes any where . The main concern when you are looking for a location and builder should be the quality and integrity of the builder. Again, all builders are not the same. Do not allow yourself to be dazzled by cosmetic looks of a home and fooled by the lack of substance. Proper representation and understanding of the cost and process is essential. Even if you have bought a new home in the past, things change rapidly and builders that have not kept pace with the changes,  or are not on the site daily, could be selling you a inferior built home.

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