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Neighborhood shopping

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Tue, 08/07/2018 - 08:40 -- Mario Fazio

A good question by buyers, rarely asked, is if there are any little known problems with the neighbourhood where they are house hunting. The traditional questions  “What are the neighbours like?”, “Is the neighbourhood quiet?”, “What is the school district?”, “Is it a safe neighbourhood?”, are all important to get answered, but there are other areas that can lead to serious concerns later, if not investigated before you buy. Some of these questions regarding location and neighbourhood, are not easily answered or known, even by the current sellers. A professional, experienced realtor will have knowledge of the area, and know the history of houses that you are considering. Along with knowing who the original builder of the home was, and the era when built, you will need other information of the area, such as the type of soil the home is built on, any basement flooding, sewer back ups, winter water line freezing issues, lead leaking into the house water? Road pot holes and failing asphalt are way down on the “to do” list for most cities, so expect the quality of the road you see to be the one you will live with for years. Also, be aware that bad roads are less obvious in the winter. Other concerns may be nearby municipal sewer and water pumping stations, hydro transmission and transformer stations, which make low grade humming noises, until they break down. Then you can expect much louder noise, along with service crews working on them at all hours of the day. Some properties have municipal and service right of ways, and you could have quite a mess to contend with should a situation arise where heavy machinery is required to trample and dig up your lawn. The municipality is not necessarily responsible for returning the yard to it’s original state. Also, are there any former landfill sites nearby, and were they residential or industrial dumps? Some may be surprised to discover where former dumps are located, and the possible impact they could have on your health and home value. Apart from obvious concerns with some neighbourhoods such as proximity to neighbouring farms, commercial and industrial sites, towering electrical transmission lines, and skyscraper windmill farms, beware of possible less obvious location issues.

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