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My top peeves

Tue, 08/07/2018 - 09:36 -- Anna Moscardeli

You want to know what sucks? Number 1, people leaving shopping carts anywhere rather than going a couple extra steps to place them in the designated areas. I sound like a broken record, but for those who leave their carts anywhere but in the corral, may karma make that cart roll over and smack your vehicle.  Maybe then you might place the cart where it belongs.  

Number 2, slow drivers in the fast lane.  Get over to the slow lane if you feel like having a Sunday sight-seeing drive moment.

Number 3, people not moving over to the outside lane when people are on the side of the road.  So many accidents have happened because of this with some losing his or her life.  Mind you, I fully understand when vehicles are side by side.  That’s why it says, “move over when safe to do so.”

Number 4.  Vehicles stopped at the Blue Water Bridge with no four ways flashing.  It can’t be that hard to put on your 4 ways is it?  It could prevent another accident. Oh, and quit riding on one another’s “butt”. If you have to stop in a split second, that split second may cost someone his or her life.

Number 5. These scammers.  I received a call saying they were calling from the Canada Revenue Agency and that the police were going to come and get me.  Well, there’s a police officer that already lives at my home.

I just had to call them back.  The first two times they hung up on me.  The third time they wouldn’t respond.  I waited a few more minutes and called them back again. When they asked for my name I gave them the name of the candle on my table, Cranberry Mandarin.  Needless to say, when I played the game with them, they got very angry and said they were sending the police, so I said I would be waiting.  Of course no one showed up.  The number given was 226-317-3549.  I suggest everyone calls them and harasses them so that way they can’t harm others who fall prey.  These sickos make money off each call.  Sadly, the big guys use helpless people in poor positions to make these calls, and rarely they are found and convicted.  I had friends who called and called, and their numbers have now been blocked.  Imagine that.  

And lastly, this goes for the businesses that will relate very well.  It also goes for us who live in rural areas or as we call it, “the boonies.”  Many of us always say, “paradise ain’t cheap”, however at times we are dumbfounded how “delivery charges” or “lack of competition” gives someone a reason to gouge people and/or businesses.  One being the Internet.  

Currently we in the “boonies” have decided to challenge some of the fees and lack of services. The problem is the “too bad go somewhere else if you don’t like it attitude” or even “don’t worry, be happy.  We are working on improving services.”

Well frustration comes in full force with these statements.  Businesses ask, “why are we paying sometimes $30 more per month for Internet or phone?” The companies responses usually are followed by “we have a dedicated team just for your business” or “your service is better”.   What a joke.  Many of us business owners see no difference from residential to business services except in the cost.  Someone please answer the question, “why are businesses being gouged?”  Because there is no alternative and because the big companies are allowed to get away with what they do, but only until someone raises a stink.  

In the past, some of these large companies have faced class action suits and I say Bravo to those who fought the fight.  You deserve huge credit for not sitting back and taking it.  It’s one thing for people to say, oh nothing will change, but it’s another thing when you see the changes.

Currently there are a bunch of us in the “boonies” that are starting to challenge some of the fees and services.  We are looking for others to take on this challenge and speak up and the only way to do it is by making lots of noise.

For anyone wanting to get involved, we would love to hear from you.  Send us an email at  Or send an email to the county of Lambton, your MPP, MP or your local Mayor.

Recently Monty McNaughton was appointed to infrastructure and I believe he is going to do an awesome job.  Congrats Monty on your well-deserved appointment.  And congrats to Ernie Hardiman who was also appointed for agriculture.  With these two involved, I can see the whips coming out.  Yee haw.

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