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Mitro told to take his complaint and shove it

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Wed, 07/03/2019 - 15:24 -- Chris Cooke

It’s official.

Matt Mito can go back to selling garage doors.

His 38-page code of conduct complaint against Mayor Mike Bradley, Bill Dennis, Margaret Bird and Dave Boushy that included 49 musings from this column dating back to May of 2017 has been appropriately filed.

Newly appointed Integrity Commissioner Paul Watson of Chatham apparently found an appropriate waste paper basket and sent Mitro’s “frivolous” complaint to a permanent resting place.

Mitro’s complaint was dismissed under Code of Conduct section 19.6.

What that means is it was deemed “frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith or that there were insufficient grounds for an investigation”.

Obviously bad news for Mitro and his cronies including Joseph Santoro and Anne Marie Gillis and an assortment of internet trolls who spent hours, days and weeks fussing over this column and columns and stories of reporters at The Sarnia Journal, The Sarnia Observer and broadcasters at Blackburn and CBC Radio.

Mitro, Gillis and Santoro lost in last fall’s election.

Since then they’ve spent every waking hour trying to figure out how to get even with a popular Mayor they despise and candidates who swooped to election at their expense.

But as it turns out Paul Watson is a more thoughtful and balanced Integrity Commissioner than his predecessor Robert Swayze who left the City with a $5,000.00 bill in his sendoff letter.

Mitro who says he spent a month putting together his submission to Watson is “disappointed and bewildered”.


Because his personal vendetta against the Mayor crashed and burned as did his re-election bid.

The good news is it is over.

The bad news is Mitro’s Code of Conduct complaints reportedly cost Sarnia taxpayers $3,500.00 because while Watson came to the correct conclusion, the Integrity Commissioner’s meter was running.

Hopefully Mitro is gone. The fact his stepson-in-law Mark Dillon is departing as head of IT  should help. Mitro will have little reason to visit City Hall and hold closed door meetings in his stepson-in-law’s office.

We have a new Chief Administrative Officer, a new administration and a new Council with a new agenda. The left-wingers who ran the place until last December have been sent packing.

And a nice young lady now answers the phone from a kiosk in the front lobby at City Hall. She always answers, is always cheery and she is always helpful. And she doesn’t cost $83,000.00 as was suggested by Mitro and company when the kiosk was ripped out by the previous Council.

Could it be that City Hall is actually open for business?

I could be wrong about this but I’m usually not.

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