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Mitro, Gillis, Wynne and the gang that lacks common sense

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Fri, 09/28/2018 - 16:06 -- Chris Cooke

Matt Mitro’s election signs proclaim the following.

“Progress made, more work to do.”

Just days from a municipal election I suspect most voters would find Mr. Mitro’s view of progress as somewhat distorted.

By progress does the incumbent Councillor view the hiring of his step son in law for $110,000.00 to run the Information Technology Department at City Hall progress? Under Mark Dillon the department’s budget has ballooned by more than a million dollars. There are now 11 full, part time and contract employees.

By progress does Mitro include a $20 million municipal budget increase? How about $13.5 million at Centennial Park which includes $1 million for boat ramps?

We could get in to the over dredging of Sarnia Harbour, $5.3 million demolishing Sarnia General Hospital, the fortress that is Sarnia City Hall with its $75,000.00 wall and cameras everywhere. And need I remind you of the progress made by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze and Mississauga harassment lawyer Lauren Bernardi that cost Sarnians $411,000.00. Swayze and Bernardi are little more than ambulance chasers and unfortunately the ambulance stopped here.

Should I really go to the progress made with the procedural bylaw that gives Clerk Dianne Gould – Brown the right to determine who should and should not appear before Sarnia City Council? All of which depends on whether she and the administration like what is being said by members of the public or not.

It’s called freedom of speech but apparently Gould – Brown and the City Hall gang are oblivious to it all.

Mitro, who after the election can go back to his day job of hanging garage doors, apparently views this as progress. And the real problem is he believes there is “more work to do”.

He drinks the Kool Aid and dutifully believes whatever Margaret Misek – Evans and Gould – Brown spew out.  

Can you imagine?

What more could he possibly do that he hasn’t already been done to destroy public interaction with Sarnia City Hall?

He rubber stamped increases of $30,000.00 for Misek – Evans, $15,000.00 for Finance Director Lisa Armstrong and $4,000.00 for Gould - Brown. And thanks to the latter we have paperless ballots designed to keep computer illiterate seniors from voting for an incumbent Mayor who they believe was badly treated.

It is my view that Mitro is an inept politician suffering from tunnel vision who subscribes to the “One Team” mentality of the Chief Administrative Officer.

And he isn’t alone.

Anne Marie Gillis is a “nice church lady” but is incapable of protecting the financial interests of Sarnia taxpayers. Former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne comes to mind here. Do we really need a Kathleen Wynne type as Mayor of Sarnia?

Gillis has her dirty fingers all over the $411,000.00 spent on a harassment lawyer and an Integrity Commissioner whose investigative skills rank right up there with Inspector Clouseau.

Gillis, like Mitro is part of the team. One Team orchestrated by a Chief Administrative Officer whose singular purpose is to discredit the Mayor and influence the outcome of the municipal election.

And she isn’t alone.

There is Bev MacDougall who jeopardized a second term as Warden of Lambton County by forgetting the first rule of broadcasting. Make sure the damn microphone is off when disparaging a citizen making a public presentation in support of a beleaguered Mayor.

Seemingly oblivious to where the money comes from MacDougall ignored public distain for sloppy management at Sarnia City Hall.

She joined the ranks of Gillis, Mitro, Andy Bruziewicz and Brian White in making the Mayor’s life a living Hell. I could add here Cindy Scholten – Holt but thank God she is gone.

Gillis was named Deputy Mayor but in actual fact she was deputy of nothing. The public ignored her as they will later this month when her political career crashes and burns.

Which brings me to the need for a common-sense City Council.

We have an opportunity to get rid of the worst Council in Sarnia’s history. We have an opportunity to fire the Chief Administrative Officer and the One Team that makes Sarnia an expensive, unpleasant and uncooperative place to live.

I’ve been asked why I support Mayor Mike Bradley?

I believe he has been treated badly by an overly sensitive administration that used its power and taxpayer money to influence a weak and ineffective Council to drive him out of office.

To begin with being Mayor of Sarnia is a lousy, thankless job that pays a stinking $52,000.00. Why anyone would want it and especially for 30 years I can’t imagine.

But Bradley does and has and over the past 30 years has done a good job of reducing municipal debt and watching over taxpayers’ money.

Politically we are polar opposites but with maturity we’ve learned to find middle ground. For 26 years Bradley got along with City Managers and the administration. And then Margaret Misek – Evans came along and chaos pursued leading for accusations of harassment endorsed by all of the incumbents seeking re-election.

The investigations can only be described as sloppy and woefully inadequate and carried out by an Integrity Commissioner who had an agenda similar to that of his employer, the administration at Sarnia City Hall.

I suspect the Mayor questioned the competency of Margaret Misek – Evans and those around her. And he used his outside voice to express his opinions. Due to sensitivity issues in today’s workplace that apparently isn’t allowed. We have to be careful and mindful of anything that smacks of verbal harassment. In today’s society, we aren’t permitted to tell people who are incapable that they are incapable.

As an employer with 111 employees I can relate to the Mayor’s predicament. I have days when I wish I could just go home, pull the covers over my head and turn out the lights.

I could be wrong about this, but I suspect I’m not.

On October 22 may common sense prevail.

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