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Mon, 03/05/2018 - 09:19 -- Anna Moscardeli

Oh man! Is there anything else going on in this world besides what the Donald (Trump) is or isn’t doing, or who came on to whom?

As I turn on my computer (it’s new with windows 10, so I’m still trying to figure it out), the highlights in world news appears on my screen and I read, “Winter Olympic highlights”, “Here’s the perfect thing to say when someone is rude”, “Meghan Markle just wore her bag in a way that no Royal ever has”, “15 signs your marriage is over”, “Six ways to stop waking up at night to pee”, “Goldie Hawn says her stories of sexual harassment will top them all”, and so much more.  Thank goodness Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is playing in the background, otherwise I’d be saying “What the Heck!”  How I wish I could figure out how to get rid of this page coming up when I go onto Internet Explorer.  In due time, like everything else, I will figure it out.

What ever happened to the good old days of Archie Bunker of All in the Family, the Carol Burnett Show or even Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynne.  Heck now a days those shows would have never been allowed due to the politically incorrectness, but I’ll tell you back then, we all laughed and joked around.  Times were good.

Anymore there seems to be so much “SENSITIVITY” that I feel it’s gone way overboard.  Telling someone they have a nice butt will land you on the news especially if you’re someone with a high profile.  Being someone who skims Facebook, I tend to notice the pictures of guys being exposed with just their little G strings.  I know men who are sensitive to that and who have commented about why is it ok for those sort of pictures to be passed around with women saying, “Ya Baby! Um, um good, yet it’s not ok for guys to send around pictures of girls in bikinis!”  I must say, I am guilty  of sending the male images around.  I do agree with my male friends… why is that considered OK?  And no doubt someone will say that is different, or we are just joking.  Joking or not, there shouldn’t be double standards.

It’s sad, that innocent before guilty seems to be gone.  And don’t take that out of context.  Some deserve to have the book  tossed at them.  False allegations are made,  just not around sexual assaults, it deals with many other areas. When the media grasps on to something we are supposed to believe it’s true and accurate.  Heck, the media would never mislead us would they?  How sad.  

Many have been wrongfully accused but when the allegation is found to be false, nothing happens.  On the other hand there are those that have done things, but they have never gotten caugh. Some say, “Oh they are just the greatest, that person has got a grudge against that person or they are just jealous.”  Really!  Don’t be so quick to believe everything you hear and read.  Trust me, I know all too well about how the system works.   For many true victims, the system has failed them.

I believe that we need to be careful when walking this fine line.  First, it is not just women who have been exposed to this sort of behaviour.  Men have endured it as well.  Some can say, well he’s a man, it’s different.  Is it?  For many years I worked in the service industry and saw things that would make anyone’s head shake, and let me tell you, a few patrons were told where to go, or felt my knee when their hand tried to wander.  Back then, we took matters into our own hands.  We didn’t rely on lawyers and the court system.  Our system was quick, easy, cheap and very effective.

Can you just imagine what some would say if Elizabeth Taylor was still alive?  Would they still look at her as a cougar or would they criticize her for having all those young bucks around her?  Look at it in another light.  What would you do if it was your spouse, your grown child, your parent or anyone close to you that had these allegations against them and then it was found out to be false? When the allegation was made what would you do and say?  Just put yourself in some of these people’s shoes.  It’s so easy to judge someone and cast stones on them. Why? Because the media says they are guilty and usually the guilty party is a male.  The world is rapidly changing.  Let’s hope we can all still enjoy a good laugh or two. 

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