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The Media got it right

Fri, 06/29/2018 - 16:04 -- Anna Moscardeli

Well once again the media got it right.  They said Andrea Horvath and Doug Ford were running neck and neck.  “Looks like we are going to have a minority government in Ontario.”  Aren’t we all glad we rely on the different forecasters and polls?  At the end of the night it didn’t seem to be “neck and neck”.  Doug Ford cleaned up and some have already said that we are in bad shape.  Are we?

6 million per year is being paid to Hydro One’s CEO Mayo Schmidt.  Someone sure made out well on that one, and it wasn’t you or me.  Doug Ford says he’ll pay 10 million to get rid of the clan running Hydro One.  Can I say “clan?”  Is that word allowed any more?  Anyways, I agree with Mr. Ford.  Why wouldn’t we toss Mayo and his board members, the same that cost the taxpayers approximately 11 million dollars last year.  Those are the same people who made hydro bills unaffordable for many families.  Many have voiced that other provinces pay one tenth of what Ontario pays its Hydro One CEO. Their hydro rates are way cheaper than ours.  So why are we paying this amount?

The other issue that came to light was cuts to hospitals, schools, etc.  Some missed that it wasn’t front line getting cut, it’s those top-heavy hitters.  You know how you hear about the manager who manages the next manager who over sees the assistant manager who oversees the supervisor who oversees the assistant supervisor who oversees the team manager who oversees the next leader who eventually oversees the front-line staff that is minimal because of all those head honchos? That’s what Doug Ford is talking about, and I say, “go for it”. Let’s start cutting some of these heavy hitters and start putting money to the front-line staff.  I have to say, I feel for a lot of these front-line staff who many do not see the loads put on them.  I don’t know how some of them manage to continue to do their job with a smile on their face.  

It’s time to come down to realty and get rid of many of these executive positions.  We need to put the money where it belongs, with the workers.  Remember the days of when our parents and grandparents went to work, saved money, and built great savings that were left to the kids and grandkids.  Well those days are gone. Much of that money that was already taxed is being taxed again.    

In my opinion and I guess for many others, it was about time that Kathleen Wynne’s liberals were brought down.  Too bad she still has her seat.  The only good thing is that hopefully some of these backyard deals will be exposed.  It’s going to be interesting now to see the attitude changes.  

Members say, “those in opposition are limited to what they can do.  I fully disagree.  It wasn’t the quiet wheel that got things done.  It’s always been the squeaky wheel that has made noise and made changes. Let’s see how those who have been sitting on the opposite side work now.

I’m also waiting to see the gas prices drop.  Who will watch over big brother and their excuses for gas prices staying where they are?  I always wonder how a gas station charges their price with the other charging a different price?

Next it will be the Municipal elections.  This should be interesting in Sarnia as always. Be wary of those who want to become your friend now.  Don’t loose sight of the last four years.  With that, I was very saddened to hear that Mike Kelch was not running again. A few more need to follow suit.  To date, I still think Point Edward should run Sarnia.  There was always a reason why the Point was called Progressively Independent.  I think a lot of that credit goes to the man who always said, “the sun always shines in Point Edward”, Mayor Dick Kirkland.

I leave you on this last note.  We were with friends having a wee bit of wine and got onto the topic of Sarnia placing cameras in city hall.  It wasn’t the issue of the cameras being in clear view, but the comment of keeping an eye on staff.  Be very careful Sarnia, that comment might come back to bite you in the butt.  

Cheers all and be careful now that the kids are all out of school.

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