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Living 2018 in the middle

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Fri, 12/29/2017 - 16:15 -- Gayle Nichol

There are few feelings in life as satisfying as opening the cover of a new book; the smooth scrawl of a favourite pen on a fresh sheet of paper; or looking through the just-cleaned lenses of eye glasses that offer up the world around in crisp detail.

Oh, to start anew.

January allows us a deep sigh of relief as we seal the year past with a quick swig of spirits and move on to that which is (hopefully) better.

There is so much buzz at this time of year as people look forward to personal milestones in the months ahead; weddings, babies, new jobs, travel. While others look back to assess lessons, loss and change.

We are in this experiential juxtaposition of saying good-bye and hello to life’s events.

So heady.

The conversation around my keyboard today swirls about resolutions and goal setting. There is a little noise about regrets, but people are largely getting ready to turn the page on a fresh start.

New fitness routines.

New rules when stocking the refrigerator and pantry.

New commitments to health and wellness and financial goals.

Determination to dial back on the Netflix.

The lists are endless.

I’ve never been one for resolutions. I don’t deal well in absolutes, preferring options and alternatives to unyielding dictates. I know myself too well to say that I will never eat ice cream again. I will. And I will enjoy it. And I won’t apologize for it. And I will know that while there is joy to be savoured in ice cream, there is also pleasure in a brisk 5 km walk.


It is the good stuff of life.

This year marks a milestone in my life. I’ll celebrate a half-century here. For much of that time I was convinced there was a right way and a wrong way, tying myself in knots as I followed what I thought were the rules.

While I don’t reject the reality of right and wrong, I no longer choose the knots, freeing myself from the highs and lows of perceived success and failure in what is simply the experience of living.

I choose the middle of the road.

The fence,

Having my say, and listening to others. Taking the risk and enjoying (or paying) the consequence. Acknowledging wrongs, and making them right. Eating the ice cream, and heading out for the hike.

My resolution is to stay exactly where I am. In the balance of the middle.

Join me.


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