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Hot topics and pot

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 09:01 -- Anna Moscardeli

Well, 2019 has begun.  We’ve all managed to survive the first month of the year.  Some will have already fallen off the wagon of “2019 New Year’s Resolutions.”  Ah heck, that’s ok.  We all fall off the wagon.  In fact, some of us more than others.  You just have to get back up and try again. That’s my motivational speech for this month.  Now, on to my column.

Decisions, decisions.  What do I write about this month?  What seems to be the hot topic?  How about POT and ILLEGAL DRUG SHOPS?  Everywhere you turn it seems that’s all you hear about. That, and this supposedly new Party trying to form in Ontario.  The Islamic Party of Ontario.  I’ve read a few articles on it, but who knows who or what to believe.  As I always say, pending on whether the media giant is right, left or in the middle, each will give you a different slant.  Somewhere in between, the true facts will come out.  Anyway, we will leave that one alone for now since we just had a provincial election months ago.  Three and a half more years to go before another Provincial Election, however we all know in an instant that could change.  “Doug Ford, you’ve gotten your feet wet so let’s see what you have planned.”  Locally for Bob Bailey and Monty McNaughton, we’ll see how much gets done over the next three and a half years.  We all heard, “If our Party was in power….” Well it is, so let’s see what you can accomplish.

Marijuana, Cannabis, Pot, Doobie, Fatty, Joint, (whatever one chooses to call it), seems to be the highlight so far in 2019.  The government legalized it, and now people are trying to figure out, “can I smoke it in my house?... can I grow it?... can I sell it to my friend?” and so many other questions.

We in real estate recently attended a seminar put on by Detective John Pearce.  Enlightening and humourous at the same time.  However, it’s not really a laughing matter for some in different industries.

Many employers are left with the worry of “are you allowed to randomly test your work force for drug use, are they allowed to smoke it on the job just like having a smoke break”, and so many other unknowns.  For many, they will say, “it’s my constitutional right to smoke it when and where I want to,” however, what about the safety of others? Just like alcohol, it alters the mind.  Some say it doesn’t.  Well maybe you got some cheap stuff, or someone sold you parsley.

Being 53 years old proud to announce that I grew up in the days where you left high school, grabbed a 6 pack of beer and off to the races. Our lunch break was 1 hour so many usually hit Canatara Park for a quick ride and then back to school buzzing from what was consumed in that hour.  Yes, some will likely criticize me for disclosing that, but it is what it is.  I wish I could say I was a browner in school, but unfortunately not all of us grew up with that luxury.  I have a strong saying that I believe in… “if you don’t do stupid things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to laugh about when you are old.”  

 I digress.. anyway, the Province will select their 25 pot shops where you will supposedly be able to walk in and pick up your order.  People will get their supply, government will get their taxes, some will be happy, and some won’t be.  The realty is, it’s happening.  However, there will still be the back-yard shops that will sell it for much less and tax free.

No doubt the black market will remain strong and will likely under- cut the pot shops.  It has been said that you will have to provide your receipt for the pot purchased.  If someone goes to a pot shop buys whatever they want and then decides later to fill that dispenser with his or her own pot, how will one know if that receipt is for the pot bought at the “store” or from the “back yard provider?”  I haven’t smoked a doobie in a coons age.  Thank goodness it was only a phase.  I couldn’t even tell you what the cost of a joint is now.  With all the horror stories going around of laced stuff added to drugs, I’d be afraid to touch anything. I’ve seen and felt the effects of   painkillers a couple times after having surgical procedures and it’s scary. For years, ever since writing about Sarnia’s Innocent prescription ‘Drug Addiction’, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of what the world of prescription drugs has become.  Too many innocent lives shattered by what once started as a prescription to help someone ease the pain.  Ruined lives for so many that will never be regained.  They are the ones I truly feel for. Many of those were decent members of society, all lost by a drug that overtook their lives.  Until you’ve had a love one exposed to it and ends up on the streets because of a drug, one will never know how it affects so many families.

On that positive note I will end my column for this month.  This month I look forward to welcoming my first grand baby.  My grandson will soon arrive, and no doubt there will be lots of love for that little guy.  Ashley and Jon, life is about to change.  May you both cherish your last few days with no kids, however, the joy you will feel from your son will be like no other blessing or joy.  A miracle is about to happen. Oh, and I’m going to stock up on lots of chocolate.  Stay warm and safe everyone.

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