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Gillis for Mayor

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Fri, 09/28/2018 - 16:00 -- John Vollmar

On September 11th, I attended a Q & A at the Dante Club, hosted by the Rotary Club of Sarnia, on behalf of the Mayoral candidates in the upcoming Sarnia elections.  As of the writing of this column, this has been the sole opportunity to meet and ask questions of the candidates.

My thoughts are that the local media seems to be on the side of the mayor.  Perhaps they know that his campaign platform appears weak, and are hesitant to host an open debate where the public can ask questions of the candidates.  It is clear that Anne Marie Gillis is supremely competent and has a dynamic platform of positivity looking forward to Sarnia’s future.  Ms. Gillis also is dedicated to working in consort with council and staff.  The Mayor is primarily working toward a goal of replacing the present councillors. He has constantly berated them for the decisions that they have made in the past few years. Just because the mayor may not agree with Council, it is no indication that Council has erred in their reasoning or final decisions.  

I believe that over the past four years Mayor Bradley has experienced a council that was prepared to have the strength not to bow to his political agenda. During those years, much had been accomplished.  Our CAO, who has regular meetings with department heads, has clearly identified the areas of our city that need attention. These can be easily seen in the 2015-16 Review of Accomplishments, the 2017-2020 Corporate Strategic Plan, and the 2019 Budget Direction and Directors Presentations (held September 17, 2018). Our City is definitely headed in the right direction. (The Strategic Plan can be viewed at city website: )

In a recent comment in the Sarnia Journal (where Bradley always has the last word), the Mayor says that returning him to office is a chance to “take back City Hall”, and “reset” the future, saying that what he always needs is a co-operative council.   A “co-operative council” for Bradley, is one that will do his bidding.  Prior to nominations, Bradley indicated that he himself was encouraging people to run as candidates in order to sweep incumbents from office.

Mayor Bradley talks of tearing down the walls of security, not the fortress that the mayor exhorts. When speaking to city hall employees, the security measures are a welcome addition that allow for their personal safety.  Interestingly, it was reported that visitors to Toronto’s City Hall have their baggage checked prior to entry.  Dwaine Nichol, director of Corporate Security for Toronto notes that “the safety of all those who work, visit or do business at city facilities is the top priority of the City of Toronto.”  

In Bradley’s you tube interview with Katie Horvath, he says he is “ignoring the last four years.”  One might safely assume he is ignoring the reports on his behaviour.  He has shown his disinterest in the effects his actions have had on the city and the four women he was found to have injured.   I spoke to a woman on staff at city hall that said Bradley is not a leader, he simply wants his own way.  By refusing training classes, thus retaining sanctions, he is shirking his responsibilities to Sarnia.  Word is that he has not spoken to the CAO for two years, including through the intermediary.  This would not happen in the private sector.  

So ask yourself please, do you want a mayor who puts himself so far above the rest of us that he chooses to ignore the past four years? Someone who chooses to ignore the CAO of our City? Someone that chooses not to take training classes and regularly criticizes the present Council?  I would think not.  
Let’s bring in a new mayor that exudes professionalism and maturity. Anne Marie Gillis offers respect, stability, and a strong work ethic.  She has proven her loyalty to Sarnia.  She has shown how she works with City Hall staff, our CAO and City Council.  It is time for a change.  It is time for Bradley to go.

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