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For Gillis it is personal, for taxpayers it is expensive

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Fri, 06/29/2018 - 15:58 -- Chris Cooke

A political loser who wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to make Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley look bad is running against him.
Anne Marie Gillis is using the same misguided allegations that cost Sarnia taxpayers more than $411,000.00 as the basis of her platform.

“Why am I running for Mayor?” she asks in a prepared statement. Her answer is she is fed up.

Gillis who previously lost to Bradley in a mayoralty contest 18 years ago and has had a lukewarm response and zero political traction in attempts to move up Federally and Provincially is back at it again.

This time she says she is fed up with the toxic leadership at City Hall that caused walls to be built, the best and brightest administrators to leave and City Council to be “demonized for doing what was needed”.

She’s fed up?

Actually, it is the taxpayer who is fed up … fed up with her and fed up with most of her Council colleagues.

The same colleagues who jacked up the municipal budget by $20 million, increased taxes, reduced services, increased staffing, increased debt and incompetently let the financial meter run out of control on the Centennial Park remediation.

I could go on about over dredging of Sarnia Harbour that led to a threatened law suit, the Gestapo– like setting at Sarnia City Hall and a general inability to appreciate where the money comes from.

Anne Marie Gillis, Andy Bruziewicz, Bev McDougall, Cindy Scholten – Holt, Brian White and Matt Mitro get to wear it. So far only Gillis and Bruziewicz are silly enough to seek reelection.

Even Mike Kelch, generally considered a moderate got the temperature of the voter and understood he didn’t have a hope in Hell of getting re-elected. He’s leaving for “personal reasons”.

It is always “personal reasons” when a politician screws up. Do you really believe Kelch would blow off $19,000.00 in his retirement years if he thought there was even a glimmer of hope of getting re-elected?

What Kelch figured out is what the others didn’t. Politics is a blood sport and he picked the wrong side.

While Chief Administrative Officer Margaret Misek - Evans was jacking up the municipal budget by $20 million Council was giving her a $30,000.00 raise. And she doesn’t even live here anymore.

Misek – Evans resides in Petrolia in a $350,000.00 house near the golf course with taxes a fraction of those in Sarnia.

Finance Director Lisa Armstrong who has only been at City Hall three years got a $15,000.00 raise and now makes $150,000.00.

Clerk Dianne Gould – Brown the Queen of paperless voting received a $4,000.00 raise and is paid $116,000.00.

At a time when the City has a crumbling infrastructure and is starving for cash it pours money into the pockets of an ever-growing administration.

Gillis ignores it all preferring to concentrate on her personal vendetta with the Mayor. Taxpayers have had enough of her. Voters have had enough of her.

They know what she doesn’t. What she can’t see is her issue is personal and on the wrong side of reality.

I asked Bradley about Gillis and he described her this way. “She is like an arsonist who starts the fire and then calls the fire department”.

Bradley says his focus is on getting good candidates so they can take back City Hall from the administration.

For Margaret Misek – Evans that’s code. She may want to brush up on her resume.

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