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Does Mike Stark’s Tesla driver pick him up for Council meetings?

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Mon, 03/04/2019 - 15:20 -- Chris Cooke

Sarnia’s new Council is beginning to look like the old Council. Turns out we have mostly new Councillors making the same stupid decisions.

For the life of me will someone explain why City Councillors need a 60 per cent pay increase?

I always thought the job was an honorarium not a pay cheque.

Apparently, Mike Stark, who has turned out to be quite a spender doesn’t get it. I’m reasonably confident if he had told voters he was seeking a $30,000.00 pay cheque, computer, cell phone and bigger expense account he would have been shown the door instead of a Council seat.

Think about this.

Stark picks up $23,000.00 as a member of Lambton County Council, possibly another $30,000 taking up space on Sarnia City Council and along with his Canada Pension this guy is moving into the retirement comfort zone.

I always thought the purpose of public office was to serve the public not the politician but so far Stark has turned out to be quite a piece of work. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked for Tesla driving UBER operator at public expense to take him to and from City Hall.

Here is a guy who tried to jack up the municipal budget $3.5 million in a failed attempt to create an infrastructure crisis. Granted the City needs cash. Roads, sewers and water lines don’t come cheaply.

But jacking up the municipal budget eight per cent and saddling taxpayers with a $149 million financial burden in his first year as a municipal politician only shows that Stark has trouble prioritizing.

A reality check is needed here.

Fortunately for taxpayers saner minds have so far prevailed.

I could be wrong but Stark appears to have misrepresented himself in last October’s election. On the surface, he appears as a retired, fiscally conservative and somewhat successful businessman elected to contain the stupidity created by the moronic decisions of the last Council.

Which I might add, like a ghost continue to shadow the new Council.

Matt Mitro showed up to steer his flock of like-minded fools from the audience at City Hall. Although unelected, he seems to have a coughing spell every time a Mike Bradley supporter makes a motion that gets in the way of his narrow view of reality.

Sanctions and spending money are Mitro’s two favourite things. He wheezes, coughs and hacks from the audience every time Bill Dennis, Margaret Bird, David Boushy and George Vandenberg make motions or comments that potentially support the Mayor.

If Mitro continues to show up it might be prudent for Council to employ the services of a medical doctor and keep an ambulance on standby.

Last October’s election was a landslide endorsement of the Mayor and a stern rejection of the left-wing thinking that permeated the previous Council and most of the outgoing administration.

If Sarnia is to get its equilibrium back it needs a Council that supports the Mayor and supports a newly – selected Chief Administrative Officer with a fiscally conservative agenda.

Those that aren’t on side need to get on side or get out.

I could be wrong about this but I’m usually not.

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