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Do you ever have one of those nights

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:02 -- Anna Moscardeli

Do you ever have one of those nights where you just can’t sleep?  I hate when that happens.  It’s 3:11 am, and Rick Mercer was the first show I watched on TV.  Next it was something that I used to love to listen to—Question Period.  For those who may not be familiar with that program, it is a one hour show in which politicians battle it out in Queens Park.

While the opposition asks the questions, with Kathleen Wynne saying, “don’t worry”, hecklers are in the background yelling out against many of the premier’s responses, leaving the house speaker to pass out warnings to MPP’s.

Initially I was going to write about one of my recent home sales that went to multiple offers that my seller asked me to write about.  However, after watching Question Period and with a Provincial Election around the corner, I felt an importance on focusing on what’s happening, and what will happen in Ontario this coming June.

Last month I said hang on to your woollies while the Liberals were dishing out promises of millions of dollars.  Are people happy about that? Absolutely.  FREE, FREE, FREE.  Sadly, nothing is free in life.  It is just like your own household.  If you go on a shopping spree, eventually you will have to pay for that excursion.  Like everything else, if you don’t pay, your bills add up further adding interest charges leading to possible shut offs, credit decline and even bankruptcy. Well, it’s the same in politics.  

During Question Period, Monty McNaughton is talking about the beer prices going up.  He says, “beer drinkers have just received an increase in the beer taxes.”  Charles Dsouza says this is a previous tax.  Next, the opposition is asking why the government has allowed this province to be in shambles for the last 4 years let alone the last 15 years.  One member says, “finally, after years in the courts, someone is being sent to jail for the gas plant scandal.”  Then someone brings up the 6-million-dollar salary that the CEO of Hydro One is making.  The questions keep coming with answers that are lackadaisical.  How is it that these politicians can keep so calm? If someone takes a $20 pair of shoes out of a store without paying for it, he or she is criminally charged yet politicians have a “get out of jail free card”.

For so long, people have been screaming over the hydro bills they are receiving, the additional fees they are paying every time they purchase an electronic device, the gasoline prices, and the provincial part of the taxes that is added on to the cost. Locally we see a litre of gas at $1.31 per litre where directly across the border, the gas is $2.36 a gallon. How about some of these CEO’s who are no longer employed by that organization but a still receiving high paying salaries?

Folks, our Province use to be a HAVE Province, now we are a HAVE NOT Province.  

I would highly recommend to many to educate yourself before this provincial election.  I don’t care who you vote for butmake sure you do it having informed information.  Listen to Queens Park telecasts at Read the auditor general’s reports that question the budget.  Follow the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.  

The other day I watched a bit of the questioning of Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook who stood up and took full responsibility for the release of private information.  In government it’s completely the opposite.  Instead, government will toot about how good they are passing blame to everyone else.  

Folks don’t go in to this next election blind sided.  Look over the last four years.  Why suddenly is the government going to promise to give billions of dollars in to services right before the election? How many times have people been denied services or have had to pay for additional items that were once covered however are now “delisted”? Now it’s going to change? I highly doubt it.  Do you ever wonder just exactly how much is collected by the government and where all that money is distributed?  Keep an eye out, because without a doubt you will see additional taxes coming soon.  We’ve already seen the Health tax that came in, then the additional fees on products, such as disposal fees or environmental fees and without a doubt, a whole bunch more will be rolled out.

I wonder if after all these years the government is going to pass over some money for the expansion of highway 40.  Probably not.

And just think, I use to live and breathe all this.  That’s right I was the former Special Assistant to MPP Bob Bailey who use to love the excitement of politics.  Now I live and breathe real estate.  Much, much better.

Lastly, I want to leave you all with this.  Recently there has been many thefts of dogs going missing.  Beef Cake is a little Blue Brindle French Bulldog who was presumed stolen from Strands Hair Trends in Forest.  This is someone’s baby.  Sure, Beef Cake may not be human, but to his owner Brooke, Beef Cake is her baby.  Anyone with any information at all, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or at 519-381-1849.  There is a $3,000 reward.  Please add yourself and your friends to the Facebook page Bring Beef Cake Home.

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