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The Defense Sector

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Fri, 06/30/2017 - 15:58 -- Brian Keelan

When I really think about it, I can’t believe that China or Russia would ever “nuke” us. What would be the point of the eastern half of the planet nuking the western half of the planet? If they did succeed at doing that, they wouldn’t be able to come over here and get all our stuff for free now that we’re all dead. There would be too much nuclear pollution and our stuff would be useless to them. Plus, their own industries would go bankrupt because they’d just nuked their best customer, which can be very bad for business. And it’s certainly not like they’d invade us and then come over here. We’d have Russian, Chinese or even worse North Korean or Taliban guards everywhere pointing guns at us and making us work in mines and stuff. They know we’d never go for that.

Plus, there is always the consideration that we might just respond in kind if we happened to get wind of the fact that there were nuclear missiles coming our way. Back in the good old days of the cold-war, there was a concept called M.A.D. which stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. If one guy destroys us he knows he gets destroyed in the retaliation process. It’s literally a war that nobody can win. Unless you get a real fruitcake of a leader who has a nuclear arsenal. (Here the word “his” is gender specific for obvious reasons.) I think that mutually assured destruction will keep the North Koreans in line but I’m not so sure about the Middle East where mutually assured destruction and religious fervor are often confused with each other. Nuclear capability would be a very scary thing if they had it.

The US government seems to want us to believe that “they”, (China, Russia, N. Korea, The Middle East to name just a few), are constantly trying to develop new ways to destroy us. I include “us”, Canada in the equation since even though most of the nukes would be aimed at the USA and we live right beside them. We would have to step up since we don’t want to lose our best trading customer and the right to go to Florida and California and the rest of the southwestern USA along with the northwest USA and Chicago and Denver and Jackson Hole. Oh yes, and New York, Boston, Charleston and Savannah too. And don’t forget Las Vegas, Alaska and Hawaii. Then there’s HBO and ESPN. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our good friends to the south of us.

With the goal of mutually shared destruction in mind, the US military/industrial complex needs to keep the fear factor alive so they can get the money from the government to develop the weapons required to make sure our enemies don’t get the jump on us. There is even a sector of the stock market known as “The Defense Sector.”

To promote all this there is a newsletter run by a guy named Dr. Kent Moors called the Oil and Energy Investor. For a small fee starting at about $40 US, Dr. Moors will let us in on the information we need to make a fortune in the oil and energy markets as well as the defense sector.

As my uncle Jack, the world’s most dangerous salesman used to say, “Gee… ain’t he a nice guy.”

In his latest promotional blurb, Dr. Moors starts off by telling us about China’s military buildup in the South China Sea in order to take over a giant underwater oil deposit that they don’t want to share with the other countries that also have shorelines on the South China Sea. It’s the same as if there was a huge oil deposit under Lake Huron and the USA decided they would take all the oil and we couldn’t have any. That’s what Dr. Moors says China is doing. To that end, the USA has deployed the SS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier task force and tensions are building, which they always do when you get these kinds of people together and there is money involved. No ideals or anything noble like that. Just money. So, “We need to be ready.”

The Chinese have a missile the DF21D which the US Navy calls, “The Carrier Killer.” This thing can hit Mach 10 and has a 1,242-mile range: that’s New Miami in just under 7 minutes. The Chinese call it: The Assassin’s Mace. Very scary stuff.

Dr. Moors goes on to tell us about D.A.R.P.A. the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which is responsible for the development of emerging military technology. They’ve got a new product coming that will replace GPS so that we don’t have to worry about the GPS satellites being shot down and nobody being able to find their way home from the gym.

And then there’s the Railgun.

I went to Hawaii about ten years ago to help a guy sail a boat from Honolulu to Los Angeles. The boat was at the Waikiki Yacht Club. As my old friend Jesse McGlashen used to say, “Some pretty tall cotton in there.”

Along one of the docks was a series of very cool boats that were all owned by the same family. There was a 41’ Fountain offshore powerboat, a Shock 40 hi-tech racing sailboat and three or four other top-of-the-line boats that they used for fishing and other water-sports. That night in the yacht club bar, I asked a rather inebriated patron who was buying drinks for me and everyone else in the bar, “Who owns all those cool boats out on dock three?”

He pointed across the street to a large luxury hi-rise condo that had two penthouses on the top floor and said, “The folks in those penthouses over there.”

“And who might those folks be?” I asked.

“Why them’s the Browning family trust-fund babies,” he said.

“Do you mean the 50-cal gun Brownings?” I asked.

“The very ones,” he said, and then went on for a half hour telling me all about them. I learned that the real money was not in the 50-caliber gun sales but rather in the 50-caliber bullet sales. 50 caliber bullets retail for about $3 US each and the US government alone buys millions and millions and millions of them every year. So do all the governments that get foreign aid from the US government which they then use to buy among other things, 50 caliber bullets. It’s like the shaving business: the real money is in the razor blades, not the shaving devices themselves.

So, I was kind of interested to hear Dr. Moors in his latest info/sales pitch as he went on to tell about how the US plans to spend $1.743 trillion dollars to make sure that they have the ability to neutralize The Assassin’s Mace. To that end they have developed this new “game-changing” gun: the “Railgun”. Just go to Google and type in railgun to see it. Instead of bullets, the railgun uses projectiles they look like carbon-fiber/kevlar spearheads that don’t use gunpowder to propel them. Instead they use an electro-magnetic charge known as “Lorentz Force” to fire the projectile for distances of up to 100 miles at speeds of Mach 7. Yes, that’s right: Mach 7 … seven times the speed of sound. That’s 5,379 miles per hour. It can get to a target 100 miles away in just over a minute or 1.117527 minutes to be exact. All this with no gunpowder or fuel of any kind. You just need to be able to develop one hell of an electric charge to get it going. Of course, it has its own “smart” guidance system so it never misses.

The railgun projectile doesn’t even use an explosive head since the projectile destroys everything it hits due to it’s speed. But the best news for the company who makes the Railgun, which I am sure is a few million dollars per gun, is the projectiles themselves: they cost $25,000 US each and there is no volume discount. Revenue-wise that beats the daylights out of a $3 fifty caliber bullet, doesn’t it?

Now I figure that the family of the guy who invented this thing, (or bought a lot of stock in the company), could be living in a big luxury condo in Hawaii with a cool fleet of pleasure boats pretty soon because they are talking about naval ships carrying thousands of these things. They only weigh a few pounds and they won’t blow up if the ship gets hit, which was a big problem for the H.M.S. Hood when it went up against the Bismarck back in World War II. They will also be deployed in tanks and many other ground installations, so lots and lots of these $25,000 projectiles will be required.

Another thing that intrigues me about all this is the infomercials themselves, as in how they do them. They start off by scaring the living daylights out of you. Then they show you the amazing, hi-tech, ridiculously expensive solution to the problem and then finish it off with a nice way to make a fortune out of the whole thing.

What a bunch of nice guys, eh?

At least that’s my opinion. I could be wrong so I’m not going to bet the farm on it, and neither should you. But I might sell one of the cows and use that money to buy some stock. I like Hawaii.

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