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Déjà vu Dockside

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 10:48 -- Anna Moscardeli

Last year at this time, it was so cold with most roads being a sheet of ice.  Today it was 22 degrees Celsius.  It’s a wonder what a year can do.

I am sitting at the Dockside Restaurant with a good friend Pauline Randolf, where she and her husband who recently passed on, use to visit Brian and Tammy Vickery regularly.  I look at this amazing view where last year there was a huge parking lot, a boat ramp, playground equipment, and green space.  This year it’s all gone.  It’s deja vue all over again.  It seems like yesterday when what started as a simple Facebook post about the City of Sarnia spending $80,000 on renting fence from a Quebec company, only to see “so far” a price tag of about 11 million dollars and they are not done yet.  If I recall, the story I wrote back then talked about spending around 4 million.  But hey, costs seem to always get overrun in the public sector.

No boat ramp is in yet.  It is also unbelievably slated to go in between the gas bar and the Dockside Restaurant patio. You have got to be kidding me.  Whose brilliant idea was that?  I can tell you one thing, it wasn’t someone who boats a lot or who has sat on an outdoor patio.  Check out the parking. Currently cars are parking on Seaway Road which will end come May.  Ah, but it will be extra revenue for the Sarnia Parking Authority.  

Remember all those parking lots that use to accommodate the overflow of cars wanting to park at the waterfront?  Well, this year things are different.  There are no parking lots like there used to be. So now what?  I don’t mean to pick on Sarnia, but come on people.  Who is running the show?  I have dealt on numerous occasions with some of those at City Hall and they have all been great, so whose brilliant ideas were these?  Did anybody at any time consult with the businesses in the area?  Probably not.  Sarnia can brag about how beautiful the waterfront is.  Folks, it’s a waterfront that is unusable to its highest potential and one that costs taxpayers enormously.  What a shame.

Now here’s where the Donald would have easily sent those tenders back for a lesser bid.  Like him or hate him, this is something that would have been brought under control.

And $74,000 to build a separate office to keep Mayor Mike from what?  A simple false wall would have sufficed.   Don’t even get me started on this Workplace Harassment stuff.  The $74,000 could have then been easily put to good use like keeping Jackson pool open.  And with that, here’s to wishing Lorrie Robbins in the tax department at Sarnia City Hall a happy retirement.  Well-deserved Lorrie.  Many of us will miss seeing your smiling face.

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