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Choosing your realtor

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Fri, 01/04/2019 - 13:42 -- Mario Fazio

Many sellers enter into a contractual relationship with a realtor while having little or no knowledge about their background, experience, or track record. You should ask realtors if they are full time professionals or part time dabblers, and if they are committed to working for you, or are doing real estate sales as a hobby or way of trying to make extra money. Sellers need to determine the realtors ability to communicate and negotiate, and if they are available to them. These days many realtors simply let others do their communicating and negotiating for them, on your behalf . A strong representative of yours will personally present your thoughts and wishes directly to buyers and other realtors.They will carry out your wishes for showings and set up viewings with your thoughts and your time table in mind, not just when it is convenient for them or their possible prospects. Your realtor should attempt to properly qualify the prospects and question cooperating realtors about the quality of their prospects. Too often you can spend hours getting your home ready, and interrupt your plans for a showing, only to have the prospect rule it out right after stepping through your front door, resulting in wasted time and frustration. Qualifying prospects is an important step to finding the right buyer.

This is vital when having your best interests represented and ultimately achieving your goals. Some realtors are marketing experts, and do a better job of marketing themselves than marketing your property . Others do not have the time, ability or experience to look after your best interests when selling your property, as you will eventually discover after wasted cost and time .  Many times the price becomes the only catalyst for a sale. Should you underprice your home, any one could sell it, and your realtor should get multiple offers. Underpricing is where the self help internet real estate sites excel. Properties at fire sale prices virtually sell themselves.  If the price of your home is too high, the house will sit unsold,  and strong representative is even more important to attract and get  that buyer. Determining the correct price is a combination of a proper market analysis and an understanding of current market trends. You need a representative  that has a full time presence in the market. You will not receive proper service or knowledge from anyone that has an alternate day job, or casual presence in the real estate industry.

Doing all of the right things to get your house ready for the market is very important. But if you do not take the time to select the right realtor, your sale could take a great deal longer, and your home could ultimately bring less money than it should have .

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