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Choosing A Realtor

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Mon, 01/29/2018 - 15:42 -- Mario Fazio

Whether buying or selling real estate, obtaining the services of the right realtor can make all the difference to your wallet. In today’s fast paced and ever changing world, you need someone that can give you real service and value for your money, and choosing correctly should be your first priority. In Ontario, all realtors must be licensed and follow a strict code of rules and regulations, but this is where the similarities end. There are many consumers who believe all realtors are the same and provide the same level of service, which is simply not the case. Having worked as, and with, professional realtors for over 40 years, I have comprised a list of qualities and attributes to look for when selecting your realtor.

  1. Find out how long they have been selling real estate. Experience and knowledge are extremely important. You don’t want someone learning the profession with your home and money. Experience and knowledge will identify and overcome many potential problems.
  2. Discover if they are a full or part time realtor. It is highly likely that a part time realtor won’t have the time, know the market conditions, or possess the proper ability to stay on top of all the complicated transactions.
  3. Ensure they have a successful track record. Many realtors are not capable sales people, or even effective negotiators. You could end up paying top dollar for your home, or not realize full value when you sell. Ask for references, or a list of successfully completed transactions.
  4. Be sure the realtor uses all the tools available to effectively market your property, web based, social media, print, direct mailing. Some realtors are more interested in marketing themselves than in marketing your property.
  5. Communication is very important. A realtor must be able to effectively communicate to potential buyers or sellers. They will be your advocate, and will represent you and your needs.
  6. You must be made a priority. The realtor should be reasonably available to you, must be able to understand your wants and needs, and care about helping you achieve your goals.
  7. The realtor must be accountable, and follow through with what they promise. They should be reliable and punctual.
  8. Integrity and trust are two attributes that all good realtors possess. The realtor must be trusted with your confidential information, and have your best interests in mind. They must respect your wishes and value your time.
  9. It is vital today that your realtor can problem solve, as well as come up with creative ways of marketing and presenting your home in order to obtain top dollar.
  10. Facilitating and expediting complicated legal documents is no small matter, and must be properly written and understood. Keeping up with ever changing terms and legal language requires an engaged, passionate realtor.

These are just a few things to look for when choosing your realtor. Make a commitment to someone that you feel comfortable with, and who will make you a priority.

If you have any real estate questions, or would like a topic addressed, please contact me by email, or call/text 519-383-2566.

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