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The bureaucrats have hijacked Sarnia City Hall

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Mon, 01/29/2018 - 15:52 -- Chris Cooke

Cindy Scholten-Holt likes Cindy Scholten-Holt.

She’s on Facebook.

Everywhere on Facebook.

In fact, she spends so much time on Facebook I’m surprised she has time for the many characters, mostly Council colleagues and City administrators who show up at all hours of the day and night on her pages.

You see Cindy’s problem is Cindy.

If you spend time studying her Facebook trail you could actually believe she resides here.

There is Cindy with “hubby” Chris Holt down at the ice sculptures at the foot of the Bluewater Bridge last month. The freeze up encased everything including a smiling Cindy decked out in a blue pea jacket, black boots and mirrored sunglasses.

It was all Cindy and “she just had to go down there and see”.

At Christmas, it was a smiling Cindy wearing a Santa hat giving a thumbs up sign with MP Marilyn Gladu in the background. The City has a $140 million budget, $20 million higher in four years and I can assure you smiling Cindy had little to smile about. But there she was on Facebook thumbs up and smiling.

After all its only money, your money.

Speaking of money there was Cindy again on Facebook burning the midnight oil poring over the $140 million budget line by line.

But wait there is more.

Suddenly out of the darkness who pops up on Cindy’s Facebook page but our overly sensitive Clerk Dianne Gould – Brown to comfort the overworked Councillor with the soothing words “get some sleep”.

Which brings me to this word.


They are all buddies.

Dianne Gould – Brown who accused the Mayor of harassment is a regular. It cost taxpayers $20,000.00 to have Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze dispense with her latest harassment complaint.

Of course, Swayze had Scholten-Holt’s blessing because her friend is the City Clerk who shows up on her Facebook page to wish her a goodnight and “get some sleep”.

Matt Mitro, Brian White, Anne Marie Gillis and Bev MacDougall are all regulars. There are photos of them everywhere on Cindy’s Facebook.

All of them and with Cindy of course.

This Council, these people have cost the City $411,000.00 in legal and Integrity Commissioner bills all of it aimed at discrediting the Mayor.

And they aren’t done.

It has cost the Mayor, who makes a stinking $52,000.00 at least $17,000.00 in lost pay.

But wait there is more.

The procedural bylaw is next.

The administration in general and Cindy’s friend the Clerk in particular want to control a public that would question out of control spending at City Hall, the mess that is Centennial Park and the inept decision to abandon paper ballots in this October’s election.

Speaking of which if Cindy and her friends get their way the procedural bylaw will prevent election candidates from speaking at City Hall, the Clerk will decide who can speak, if and when they can speak and on what subjects they can speak if approved by her.

Think about that.

Dianne Gould – Brown, a $112,000.00 a year bureaucrat will be in control of democracy at Sarnia City Hall.

The queen will be the queen bee, if you will.

I suspect Dianne Gould–Brown is the author of the decision to do away with paper ballots. Not because there is any particular saving but because it has potential to reduce the number of baby boomers and seniors who will vote heightening the prospect that her Council friends will be reelected and she gets to keep her six-figure job. A job I might add that she couldn’t and wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Let me summarize.

The bureaucrats have high jacked Sarnia City Hall and their Council friends rubber stamp out of control spending, inept business decisions and the draining of reserves like they are piggy banks.

By the time the boat docks are reinstalled costs at Centennial Park will have ballooned to a rumoured $15 million. We are being sued because the contractor in charge of dredging at Sarnia Harbour over dredged and couldn’t pay the sub-contractors because there are millions in cost over runs.

How does this happen?

Was anyone watching over the contractor?

Is anyone in charge?

City Hall is a fortress because the bureaucrats need protection from taxpayers who are cranky.

And now they have drafted a procedural bylaw that will further insulate them from the public that just wants some accountability.

I’ve had enough.

I need some sleep.

If I had a Facebook page I’d expect Dianne Gould–Brown to show up about now.

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