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Bull Crap!

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:05 -- Anna Moscardeli

Have you ever wanted to say something but couldn’t because you knew if you did, boy oh boy, look out for the consequences?  Well that’s how things are sometimes in many occupations.  Speak out and be prepared to face the rath from the opposing side.  It’s what you call a “dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t” situation.  Government agencies are always one area that comes to mind.

Years ago when I had my Advocacy and Paralegal office, my “claim to fame” originated from a battle with the FRO (Family Responsibility Office).  I wonder if things have gotten better when it comes to separation and divorce?

Through my advocacy, much work was done taking on government agencies.  I hated going to courts and tribunals.  I usually would tell my clients, “Don’t waste your money, because if the judge or tribunal member doesn’t like you, (regardless of being right or wrong), look out Scout.”  Because of my advocacy skills, it led me to being Bob Bailey’s Special Assistant.  Nothing like speaking to some of these agencies who felt they had supreme power over people until the calls came in from an MPP or MP’s office.

Remember the Cooper family who purchased a personalized licence plate but the MTO rejected it?  Yes, it was someone who worked at the MTO who didn’t like Mr. Cooper’s plate.  Someone took the interpretation on a path different from the intention.  A trip to Bob Bailey’s office, a few phone calls to the MTO, some words going back and forth, and shazam, Mr. Cooper received his personalized plates. There were many cases like those that  I use to deal with.  Loved every minute of it.  I no longer work in government.

Sadly, we see all too often how some agencies can overpower things, which at times can lead to losses for some. This can leave individuals taking risks to avoid the so- called “headaches”.  In my opinion, I along with many others believe that government has given too much power to these agencies, leaving many to either sit back and take what is thrown at them or forcing the individual(s) to take a stance challenging the government agency or office with the thought of retaliation from that agency.  Mind you, there are many who are in these government positions who are great and know how to work with joe public, but it’s the few with head strong egos that give the rest a bad name.

Recently I was put on the other side of the fence.  I was no longer that girl that could call on a government agency to challenge his or her decision.  Instead I was now in a position where I had to tread lightly.  With that, I reached out to Councillor Mike Kelch and a few others.  When Councillor Kelch reached out to the agency I was dealing with, responses were forthcoming.  Sadly, the responses were too little, too late, and it cost a lot of people a lot of money.  And that agency faces no consequences.  That is the sad realty that people deal with.  

Even before government when I had my Advocacy business, it felt good being able to assist people with making things right.  I feel for a lot of people who do not have the resources or the tenacity to challenge many of these agencies.  Maybe Doug Ford will change that, since I have not decided whether to put my issue to rest or not.

I’d like to send out a congratulations to all that came forth and stepped up to the plate to run for office in each of the different municipalities.  It is not an easy task, and the words that get passed back and forth can be damming. Sometimes I sit back and shake my head at some people and wonder, “what the heck is wrong with you?”  Some people are just out and out nasty.

On a last note I want to wish Councillor Kelch all the best on his retirement from politics.  He will be greatly missed.  Out of all the councillors, Councillor Kelch appeared to be the one who had the most common sense.  Not an easy term for him or anyone else.  Wishing you well Councillor Kelch, and looking forward to seeing you back in four years time.

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