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Bill 148, one size does not fit all

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Tue, 08/01/2017 - 13:33 -- John Vollmar

I was at the meeting hosted by the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce, and the information passed out and discussed by the panel, from what I could determine eliminates virtually all rights of the business owner/investor. I was awake early this morning and thought I would read the Bill 148. Not sure how many of you folks looked at it but the document is, in my opinion, a contrived piece of spin, legalese, and perhaps dedicated to the unions of this province.  I see nothing but hardships moving forward for the business person…those who invest their own hard earned monies, time, and dedication to ensure that the enterprise they establish operates professionally, and with the consumer in mind.  It would take days to decipher and understand the document.  When listening to Jason McMichael, one of those on the panel, and who represents the Sarnia and District Labor Council, his response to the $15.00 wage demand for 2019 seemed patronizing, and condescending.  His response was that the government would find someways of assisting business to adjust, as Kathleen Wynne indicated in an article found in the Toronto Star.  Nothing but a load of political BS. Even when it was mentioned that Magna Auto had made a statement that they may well leave Ontario and take 22,000 jobs, this did not seem to phase Mr. McMichael.  Since the meeting, Loblaws has indicated that they will have to make some changes to their operations, as they have stated that in 2018 the increases in the minimum wage will add some $190 MILLION dollars to their costs in 2018 alone…

For anyone to be an employee, there must be an employer. In general, potential employers critique the financial landscape and the odds of making a reasonable profit. And small business owners very seldom are able to take a wage themselves for months, maybe years after start up. Start ups require hundreds of thousands of dollars borrowed and personal guarantees, which translates into possibly losing one’s home if the business fails.  The ability to make more money in retail today is far more difficult than it was years dad had a small business. He made money, built an office out of the remains of a gas station, and had the requisite number of employees to bring good service to his clients, but that was well before government became radical in it’s demands of employers. Bill 148 is intrusive. One of the issues I am concerned about as well, is that the food and beverage business could very well replicate conditions in Europe.  I have spoken to the owner of an establishment who indicated that he may take his operation self – serve.  And why not…other business, such as fast food or grocery stores have done this already.  Human costs take their toll.

In real life, $15.00 per hour translates into plus, plus.  Higher payroll taxes, plus workman’s comp, plus time and a half or $22.50 per hour on stat holidays…the list is endless.  

Bill 148 will definitely take its toll.  The contents which are far too many to go into here, nevertheless would seem to be another path for the Wynne government to collect more taxes, and the unions to try to influence more people to sign up.  At any rate, the onus and pressures on business continue to escalate, and increase the risk associated with being an entrepreneur. Government is taking control of our lives, and it is definitely putting an end to free enterprise.  Wynne should mind her own business.  She and the Liberals have done enough to harm people and destroy businesses with energy policies.  

On a side note, there are many seniors trying to enjoy their retirement on monies that certainly have never seen an increase of 32%.  Which demonstrates just how deep and vile the governments policies reach into our society.  There is no end to government greed, be it for money or for power, and like a steamroller, they don’t seem to give a damn who it is they run over.

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