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Google increases beef futures

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 16:22 -- Gayle Nichol

“I don’t know how to use The Googler.”

That was my 79-year-old mother’s response to why she didn’t research some question she had using the online search engine.

She didn’t miss a beat.

She does not understand that Google is a search engine. She does not understand the breadth and scope of the online universe.

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Lane changing politics

Mon, 03/05/2018 - 09:08 -- Gayle Nichol

I was heading down the 402 on one of those spring-like days we were gifted last month, when I went to make a lane change.

I was no longer comfortable in the lane I was in. I didn’t like the positions held by some of the other vehicles. I didn’t like the speed they were moving (or not moving). And I knew that traditionally, I didn’t ride very well in this lane. It felt uncomfortable.

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Own your opinions

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 15:44 -- Gayle Nichol

I’ve had a rash of phone calls and meetings in the last few months with people who want to “clarify” for me.

These calls generally come after a lively debate or discussion where I dwell on one side of an issue and the other party is on… well… the wrong side.

But this rather new phenomenon of calling me, or stopping by in the days following the discussion to meekly clarify, in an almost apologetic manner, has me disturbed.

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Living 2018 in the middle

Fri, 12/29/2017 - 16:15 -- Gayle Nichol

There are few feelings in life as satisfying as opening the cover of a new book; the smooth scrawl of a favourite pen on a fresh sheet of paper; or looking through the just-cleaned lenses of eye glasses that offer up the world around in crisp detail.

Oh, to start anew.

January allows us a deep sigh of relief as we seal the year past with a quick swig of spirits and move on to that which is (hopefully) better.

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We didn’t have to be told to celebrate Christmas

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 15:49 -- Gayle Nichol

Once a month, I write here, to the left of Chris Cooke. Every other day, I manage his graphics department at First Monday’s parent company, Huron Web Offset Printing and Graphics.

There are 30-plus colourful characters in my charge – a curious band of brothers and sisters who span forty decades in age and experience and who each bring something to the table. I value each and every one of them, for very different reasons.

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Take moments to remember

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 14:13 -- Gayle Nichol

Everyone wants to belong.

When I was a schoolgirl, I was a Brownie. I dressed every Tuesday night in my starched brown cotton dress, pulled up my matching knee socks and tied my white and orange neckerchief properly under my chin (right over left and under – left over right and under) to achieve the precise square knot of the sharp-dressed Brownie.

Membership was a source of pride, as it was for my brothers who were members of their own Cub Packs.

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Be Canadian, Build Canadian

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 08:29 -- Gayle Nichol

I’ve got my eyes on the strike at Ingersoll’s Cami plant.

I get why it’s not big news in Sarnia-Lambton as our industry is focused more on energy and less on energy-efficient vehicles, but I can’t help but watch what is going on there in the battle between Unifor Local 88 and General Motors Canada.

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It was better before

Fri, 06/30/2017 - 15:49 -- Gayle Nichol

Forty odd years ago from my writing this, I would be exiting the hallowed halls of Emily Carr Public School with squeals and shouts of pent up excitement following a year of dedicated learning.

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Show off your leafs, ladies!

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 12:12 -- Gayle Nichol

I love our flag.

That’s what my friend told me after I picked her up for a girl’s day away in Stratford. Zipping across the 402 overpass where the massive maple leaf billows in quiet – but suitably substantial – pride she was gushing. She loves this country. She loves the sight of the red and white, the peace of the leaf, and all she stands for.


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