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Teslas, government stupidity and the bird

Thu, 12/29/2016 - 09:19 -- Chris Cooke

Mrs. Cooke is at Trader’s my favourite restaurant on Sanibel Island.  She is pushing around lukewarm chicken something, sipping on lemonade and discussing business, politics and questioning what the hell we are doing on Sanibel, a leftist bastion, a “greenie” place dominated by climate change whackos.

Mrs. Cooke is American. Her husband is not.

She has residency in Canada where she lives, co – owns a printing business in Wyoming and owns a house on Sanibel.

She is vacationing, has just returned from an afternoon at the beach and is aggravated. Spotting two Telsas, one from Ontario has set her off.

The Ontario car was of particular interest. “A Green Vehicle” its license screams.

Mrs. Cooke uses an expletive in describing her perception of the driver. “Some rich b#@tch from Ontario who doesn’t need the damn subsidy”.

My meal is Macadamian encrusted grouper, very hot. About as hot as Mrs. Cooke’s temper. “Your dumba## government allows wealthy Ontarians to get $14,000.00 in subsidies for buying a $140,000.00 car. What idiot thought that was a good idea?

She’s grumbling while pushing rapidly cooling chicken around her plate. Her mind is rushing. She is doing new math.

She suspects the Tesla owner trailered the vehicle rather than travel two days with five hour - long rest stops to recharge the battery.

At highway speeds the Tesla gets about 200 miles per charge.

Mrs. Cooke is as an American but not a Donald Trump American. She is passive and civil and more Canadian than American.

Telsas, power rates, City Hall scandals and soaring taxes on her Sarnia home tend to set her off. So you can appreciate that she has been somewhat “set off” as of late.

The Trader’s discussion began with Teslas and government subsidies but rapidly transcended to government stupidity, mostly local government stupidity.

I made the mistake of showing Mrs. Cooke a social media photo of Cindy Scholten Holt with her Council and administration buddies laughing and socializing at the Imperial Theatre. They were there for the loan repayment celebration in late November.

If a photo is worth a thousand words then this photo is worth several thousand. Newbie Cindy, who uses Twitter and Facebook to verbally challenge people can be viewed yucking it up with the City Manager, her cronies and political allies, Matt Mitro and Brian White.

They all appear to be best buddies.

And the City Manager, who is charging the Mayor with harassment and bullying and will ultimately force the City, her employer to cough up financial compensation is there.

She knew full well that Mayor Mike was the guest speaker. He was mayor in 1996 when the $600,000.00 interest free loan to Imperial Theatre was approved.

He is the same Mayor Mike in 2016 when the loan was paid off.

And so there she is Margaret Misek – Evans the City Manager, with her administrators and Council colleagues Cindy, Matt and Brian in the same room, in the same building at the same time.

The accuser and the accused.

We are spending thousands at Sarnia City Hall to separate her from him yet there she goes off into the night only to end up in the same room, at the same time with him.

What is wrong with this picture?

Explain me this?

Mrs. Cooke is dumbfounded by the cost. Who hired these people, who elected this Council? Is there no end in sight?

Fortunately there is. We saw the first inkling of it at Lambton County Council in early December.

Bev MacDougall and Andy Bruciewicz discovered what happens when you give Sarnia taxpayer Margaret Bird the bird. The very public “Who the hell does she think she is? Christ Almighty. I think I’m going home for a drink” line appears to have caught up with the pair.

Warden MacDougall got torched in a bid for a second term as the County’s chief political figure. She was sorry and publicly apologized for belittling a Sarnia taxpayer on YouTube and social media.

It turns out her apology fell on deaf ears.

For his part Bruciewicz wasn’t even considered for deputy warden.

The very conservative politicians who make up Lambton County Council want to make sure the political stupidity in Sarnia stays contained within City boundaries.

They apparently don’t need an Integrity Commissioner from Toronto and a harassment lawyer from Mississauga to figure this stuff out.

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