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Bev MacDougall still has a political future

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 14:52 -- Chris Cooke

Kathleen Wynne is sorry because power costs are so high, manufacturers are leaving the Province and she is going to get torched out of existence in the next election.

Bev MacDougall is sorry because she showed her true feelings, belittled a Sarnia taxpayer very publicly on public television, got caught doing it and took a roasting on social media.

Kathleen Wynne is frustrated because her popularity is down to 16 per cent and if there was an election tomorrow she couldn’t get elected dogcatcher.

Bev MacDougall is frustrated but hasn’t said why.

Frustrated because the bill for consultants in the harassment and bullying allegations against the Mayor tops $400,000.00?

Is she frustrated because the City Manager is making $181,000.00 while allegedly threatening legal action against her employer?

Is she frustrated because the City has a municipal budget millions higher than last year?

Or is she frustrated because her popularity took a hit after she told a taxpayer who pays her way to put it where the sun never shines.

I’m guessing it is the later.

You see here is the problem. When you are a City Councillor and the Warden of Lambton County the operative word is restraint. Think it. Don’t say it.

When Margaret Bird rambles on before Sarnia City Council you can’t end the discussion with “Who the hell does she think she is? Christ Almighty. I think I’m going home for a drink.”

On YouTube and social media you quickly discover who the hell she is. Margaret Bird suddenly becomes the most popular girl at the dance and you aren’t.  

Unlike Kathleen Wynne whose colleagues are going to jail for offering bribes and other criminal activity, you Bev MacDougall still have a political future.

You’ve apologized and that is a start. Now, keep your feelings in check and the next time you decide to make a fool of yourself make sure the microphone is off.

View that as friendly advice from an old radio and television guy.

Now Beverley, after that I think I will go home and have a drink.

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