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Garage doors and conspiracy theories

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 10:04 -- Chris Cooke

Here is a question.

Where does Cindy Scholten – Holt live?

The only reason I ask is because the public appears to be pondering the same question.

And she told me she would be seeking re-election next year. I might point out she didn’t say where.

Scholten–Holt sold her Shepherd Street house last month for $160,000.00 and there were sightings of her moving out. Rumours circulated that she was moving to Hamilton to be with her husband who is there due to work commitments.

Facebook and Twitter are abuzz with speculation. Not that that should mean anything.

The fact that Donald Trump uses Twitter should tell you everything you need to know about social media.

Scholten–Holt has changed her address to 1321 Sweden Street, which appears to be the home of her mother and stepfather. She has a 905-cell phone number linked to the Hamilton Toronto area.

Her only link to Sarnia seems to be her email and her Facebook account “ for Sarnia.

Which brings me to this.

A fellow named Kyle Adamson asked the question that seems to be top of mind.  Adamson wanted to know what the City’s policy is when a Council member “has or is moving to another City?

Adamson got this rant from Scholten–Holt.

Hello Kyle:

I’ve seen the posts including yours online and I know that I am being attacked again. This information is absolutely false! I do reside in Sarnia and I am here to stay! The posts online are defamation as defined by the criminal code of Canada.

I have been harassed and intimidated for well over a year now by top leaders in Sarnia and even by those that should be working to protect Sarnians. Regardless of their tactics I will not be bullied from my seat. Rest assured their information is false.

Councillor Scholten

That led me to this little rant from Matt Mitro.


I’m so glad you have questioned the inquiry! It is always an incredible affront to any of us on Council to be accused in any way of doing something improper by members of the public without basis of proof. In your case, all of this was done online via anonymous named accounts on Twitter, Facebook and now email. The whole accusation based only on rumour and innuendo alleging that you were moving from Sarnia without notice. Worse, those involved posted this publicly without checking directly and privately with you first.

In light of this latest baseless smear campaign, there should be no official request made, especially by the Mayor or our shared staff person. As Councillors we are all expected to understand the rules, which you clearly do. We are to abide by them, giving notice if required and as is prudent, about any information which the Clerk or Administration is required to know about our personal circumstances
For the Mayor to request this through staff is improper, unnecessary and condescending. I believe the Mayor owes you an apology at a minimum for this indiscretion on his part.

Councillor Mitro

Since when is it wrong for the Mayor, the political head of the City to ask the same question as the public? What is so “improper, unnecessary and condescending”?”

Residency is a primary requirement for municipal office. It is also a primary requirement when collecting the $19,000.00 stipend that goes with the job.

If Scolten–Holt resides in Sarnia so be it. If not she needs to get her hand out of the public purse.

I called her 905 – cell but as of this writing I haven’t received a response.

As for Councillor Matt he’d be more successful if he spent as much time selling garage doors as he does running conspiracy theories about the Mayor.

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