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I have a life, Matt Mitro apparently doesn’t

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 12:13 -- Chris Cooke

It’s a little nuts.  

And someone needs to remind Matt Mitro and his followers that he and they lost last October’s municipal election. I say they because Joseph Santoro and Anne Marie Gillis are among a group of like-minded disciples who have launched an Integrity Commissioner investigation into alleged Code of Conduct violations against the Mayor and Councillors David Boushy, Margaret Bird and Bill Dennis.

In addition to Santoro and Gillis who ran and lost are internet trolls Steve Loxton, Greg Burkett, Analia Davis, Lelland Pease, Kristen K. Holmes, Mary Mitro, Patricia Tait and John Vollmar.

I should point out here that Vollmar is actually employed by this publication and receives a monthly cheque signed by me.

He appears to enjoy biting the hand that supplements his government pension. His monthly offerings go unchallenged by me, which is apparently appreciated by Mitro who, in his Code of Conduct complaint, gave me credit for placing Vollmar’s “truthful and excellent” column next to my misrepresentation.

A point of clarity here.

The decision was that of my editor and had nothing to do with me. However, I am the publisher and will take the credit and a bow since Mitro mentions me and my column 49 times in his 38-page submission to newly appointed Integrity Commissioner Paul Watson of Chatham.

Mr. Mitro and his comrades appear to be uncomfortably obsessed with me, and in their submission they appear to have spent hours if not days parsing every word, every sentence, every comma and every period in two years’ worth of columns concluding that I’m a pal of the Mayor and I carefully orchestrated their political demise from the pages of First Monday.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t for a sad reality.

Mitro, Gillis and Santoro lost and now they want retribution at any cost and the target is a Mayor they despise, and newly elected Councillors who out voted them in what was supposed to be their hour of political glory.

Instead of accepting the fact that voters had grown weary of the stupidity and mismanagement that dogged the previous Council and Administration they have childishly started all over again.

The ink is barely dry on the new Integrity Commissioner’s $36,000.00 contract and sour grapes by a handful of disbelievers has the investigation meter running full tilt.

Do these people not have lives?

Think about this.

My name, my column shows up 49 times in a 38-page report. Mitro and company had to spend days, if not weeks analyzing every word. Two years’ worth of stories and columns carefully documented seeking out Code of Conduct violations by the Mayor and more recently Bird, Boushy and Dennis.

Who cares?

Who in Hell does that?

These people appear to have issues that go beyond the scope of an Integrity Commissioner.

I can’t tell you what I had for dinner last night let alone what I wrote in May of 2017. But Matt Mitro apparently can.


Because he wants to be vindicated and can’t accept that he, Gillis and Santoro were trounced in last October’s election?

He apparently spends all of his time fussing over my columns and the columns and stories of reporters at The Sarnia Journal, The Sarnia Observer and broadcasters at Blackburn and CBC Radio.

Do these people not sleep?

Mitro zeros in on everything they say looking for raw meat that could lead to Code of Conduct violations by any or all of them. And then he Twitters and Tweets and Facebook’s his supporters like a commander leading an army in a never-ending battle to prove he didn’t really lose and that the Emperor really does have clothes.

My take on this is Matt Mitro is a creature who would do better in life if he worried less about Code of Conduct violations and spent more time at his livelihood selling and installing garage doors.

If he has any common-sense Mr. Watson would do well to disregard Mr. Mitro’s complaints and find the nearest waste paper basket for all 38 pages.

I could be wrong about this but I’m usually not.

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