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Local Heroes

Fri, 06/30/2017 - 16:04 -- Anna Moscardeli

Recently on Facebook I connected with my sports coach from grade 6 & 7, Ms. Terry Delaney aka Terry Dunn.  It was a blast from the past.  Not only did she coach me, she also taught my youngest who is now 27 years old. Ms. Delaney had to be one of the best teachers going.  She was always known as a cool, loving teacher who knew how to build a kid’s self-esteem.  She was tiny but feisty, especially when the ref made a dumb call!  It was cool to reconnect with her and tell her how I appreciated all she had done, not only for myself, but for both my girls and probably so many others.  

Which brings me to writing about another hometown hero who left us 10 years ago, Rose Hodgson.

Many know her as the one who kept the MPP offices going for Andy Brandt and Dave Boushy.  According to Mr. Boushy, “Rose was very well respected not only in the community, but within the Premier’s office and other MPP offices.  She served this community very well.”

Rose Hodgson was also on Mayor Mike Bradley’s honour list in 2001 as part of the Canada Day Committee with Sarnia having the biggest celebrations outside of Ottawa.  “Her volunteer activities include the Cancer Society, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation, the Sarnia-Lambton Sports Hall of Fame, and Softball Canada,” says Mayor Bradley.  “Rose was a community builder.   It seemed like she knew everyone in Sarnia and how to bring people together for many different causes, projects, and campaigns.  A dedicated citizen who worked hard to build a better Sarnia, her legacy lives on and she is greatly missed.”

Sarnia-Lambton is filled with so many hometown heroes.  Many who go unnoticed and unrecognized.  We salute these heroes for everything they have done to make this community a better place.  To Rose’s husband Bert, and her children Jeff and Corinne, this community thanks you for sharing your wife and mother.  It is a huge loss to all of us who knew her.

And with that, Sarnia downtown is growing and the parking needs to be addressed.  These bloody tickets are ticking off those who come downtown to spend money in the establishments.  Two hours isn’t enough for people to shop and eat.  Lower your monthly passes so employees don’t have to park on the streets.  Secondly, the boat ramp! What were you thinking?  Shouldn’t have touched what wasn’t broken.  Jackson Pool!  Should have taken the $74,000 you spent on a “WALL” to fix Jackson? And what about the cost of your integrity commissioner and lawyers.  Come on!  Where was your HR Department through all of this?  You do have an HR Department right?  

I don’t mean to pick on Sarnia but I recently lived in Point Edward, Lambton Shores, and now home of the famous Mayor Lonny Lapper.  Sarnia was my nesting ground until 1996, just before you lost out on the Casino to the Point.  You’ve got some great people working up there in City Hall yet many are questioning the stuff going on.  If many of us pulled some of this garbage in the private sector, our backsides would have been tossed out long ago with no bonuses or extra additives.  CHEERS!

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