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I’m baaaaack...

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 10:12 -- Anna Moscardeli

Hello!  After a short hiatus, I’m back.  And boy am I ever glad to be back.  I was humbled to hear the so many wonderful comments from First Monday followers. With that, let’s get back to business.

Over the months so much has been going on.  We have a new Prime Minister whose profile is passed around as Canada’s ‘cutie pie’.  Heck I’ve even seen his picture in GQ garments.  Bravo!  Well, if nothing else, our country will be referred to with Pretty Boy running our country. I wonder how the relationship will with be with the United States if Donald Trump gets in.  I think Donald will chew up Justin and say “You’re fired.”

Next what about this SCITS issue?  Raise a glass to those who have firmly taken a stand to fight to keep SCITS open, but more so here’s to those young and old who have stood up to the decision makers putting them on the spot.

Politicians and decision makers need to realize that the public is getting to a point saying, “Enough is enough!”  Simple question.  The board states that they need a new school around the Sherwood Village area because of the rapid growth going on in Sarnia’s Southeast end:  kids are being bussed all over.  St. Clair would be the perfect fit.  Sure, many don’t want St. Clair to close, however being someone who went to SCITS and St. Clair and moved when Central closed, no doubt SCITS has so much to offer.  Sorry! Also, look at when St. Pat’s and St. Christopher’s were going back and forth.  I didn’t think that was ever going to stop. Remember all the money spent on the East Street -St. Patrick School parking lot just a few years ago and now that school is closed?  I don’t understand how the decision makers think that it’s ok to waste tax payer’s money.

Lastly something that touches me big time.  I have always been someone who actively “supports our troops”.  For them, we have this beautiful country and the freedom that comes with it.  They fought for us.  Recently our country began welcoming many; however it seems we have forgotten our own.  Namely our troops.  How do we, specifically our government, turn their back on our troops?  It is time for our government to remember our them.  With that I leave you with this passage from a veteran.

 “But you promised!  You promised to take care of me.  You said If I fight, I’ll get benefits for life. What kind of people are our politicians?  We’re dying while we wait for treatment.  I’ve shown my honour, where is yours?  I’ve been loyal all my life… have you?”

Mr., Miss. and Mrs. Veteran, thank you!  Thank you for your dedication to our country and thank you for your service.  Because of you, I am allowed the freedom of speech and the right to tick someone off without repercussions.  Bless you.

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