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Swayze says his billings are none of our business

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 13:52 -- Chris Cooke

Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze has a conflict of interest but is too arrogant to see it.

Mayor Mike Bradley won’t speak to him because Swayze is “arrogant, bombastic, rude and unprofessional” and always sides with the administration while claiming he isn’t biased.

Bev MacDougall fears City Hall drama is wearing on voters and most Councillors will be toast at next year’s election.

But that didn’t stop them.

A majority couldn’t help themselves.

They drank Swayze’s Kool Aid, docked the Mayor’s meager pay again and then said they were sorry and begged the Mayor to be less emotional when dealing with overly sensitive City Hall staff.

How much is Swayze paid?

How much has the Integrity Commissioner billed since January of last year?

How much more is there?

We suspect Swayze is dabbling in legal dealings involving the Chief Administrative Officer, Margaret Misek – Evans and others in and out of City Hall.

He indicated as much when asked but appeared angered when pressed for details.

Swayze says he charges $280.00 an hour plus expenses. He billed $82,000.00 to last December, has additional charges in the first quarter, doesn’t know how much he will bill for his latest decision and when asked about legal action involving the administration said that’s “none of your business”.

I’m not sure how to tell Mr. Swayze this but it is my business.

The last time I looked my property taxes topped $17,000.00 and the bill to Swayze and the other lawyers and consultants associated with harassment and bullying charges at Sarnia City Hall topped $305,000.00.

He may think it isn’t my business but I pay taxes here, he doesn’t and that sucking sound is Swayze at the public trough.

By the way, Swayze flew into Sarnia at my (our) expense to appear before City Council.

As an aside, Cindy Scholten-Holt is seeking re-election next year.

For someone who is toast we aren’t sure why.

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