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Slipacoff dentists bring human touch to high-tech dentistry

Wed, 07/03/2019 - 15:54 -- Bonnie Stevenson
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The second generation of dentists taking the reins at Slipacoff Dental Centre isn’t abandoning the human touch to bring their new high-tech methods of dentistry to their patients.

Ryan, Ekaterina, and Tyler Slipacoff are the second generation of Slipacoff dentists, following in the footsteps of the retiring Dr. Lennie Slipacoff and Dr. Drew Mathany. As they launch this phase of the Slipacoff practice, the changes begin to present themselves as soon as patients enter the office. They are greeted by a bright, completely-renovated lobby that features comfortable seating, a “coffee bar”, and two computers dedicated solely for the use of the patients. And Wi-fi is free, an acknowledgment that the patients’ time is important.

Along the way to a treatment room, the patient may notice the sterilization room, complete with state of the art autoclaves and equipment where all instruments are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned to ensure that infections are handled in accordance with the most current guidelines. “Infection control is very important,” says Ryan. “We stay in touch with all new sterilization protocols.”

The new look and atmosphere continue in each dental office, where new up-to-date equipment and amenities promise a reassuring treatment experience. Along with the instruments and tools that are common to all dental facilities, patients can expect to be pleasantly diverted and entertained by an overhead television. “It’s much better than staring at the ceiling,” said Ryan.

The television serves two purposes; in addition to being a source of entertainment, it can also be used to show patients the area in the mouth that is of concern or may be causing a problem. All rooms are equipped with small intraoral cameras that can be used to show the patient, in real time, where a problem area is. “The patient can see through our eyes,” said Ekaterina.

The tiny cameras are used as part of the Slipacoffs’ objective to building trust with their patients.  “Patients can see on TV what is happening, we can discuss treatment options, and they can choose the options they like best (based on what they see),” said Ryan. “It comes down to trust. When you earn a patient’s trust, it’s huge for us.” Squeamish or nervous patients can choose the option of nitrous oxide “laughing” gas, which calms and relaxes the patient.

Families and children are welcome at the Slipacoff Dental Centre. Children are treated with sensitivity and patience, and made to feel comfortable. “Children are a big part of our practice; you have to take your time with them,” said Ekaterina. Ryan added, “We love kids. We create good experiences for them (if it’s their first time) and we can work with kids who have had bad experiences as well. We love family dentistry; we’re young doctors and we hope to grow with the families we treat.”

In addition to the traditional dental care offered by dentists, the Slipacoff team has a variety of cutting-edge services to offer. One-day dental crowns are offered and messy traditional dental impressions are not required. A digital scan is taken, and the doctor designs and mills the crown chairside during the patient’s visit, making it unnecessary for a second visit.

If dental surgery is required, it is offered inhouse for the patient’s ultimate convenience, including dental implants.

Other impressive options include: Zoom whitening, dental veneers, and braces, plus the remarkable adult option to braces, the clear Invisalign system that discreetly corrects misaligned teeth. Patients have a wide range of options to address a wide range of dental problems available to them onsite. Natural-looking and durable CEREC ceramic restorations are used. Even problematic issues requiring dentures can be remedied using a variety of options such as dental implants that provide a solid anchor for the dentures, which can then be inserted with a simple snap.

With access to this flexible, diverse range of expertise, equipment, and options, several fillings or crowns can be handled in a single visit.

Patients will find it easy to understand the nature of their dental care. The Slipacoffs stick to plain jargon-free language and use a variety of models and informational videos to educate their patients. “We make high-tech complicated topics as understandable as we can,” said Ryan. “If our patients aren’t comfortable, we aren’t comfortable,” said Ryan. A patient can even research their individual dental issues and have many of their questions answered online by accessing the website  

At Slipacoff Dental Centre, located on the second floor at 929 Michigan Avenue, the dentists know dental problems don’t take holidays; they can arise at any time. “We offer a 24/7 emergency telephone line (that is answered by either Ekaterina, Tyler, or Ryan) or text, and we offer same-day emergency appointments,” said Ekaterina. “We’ll move heaven and earth to get emergency patients in.”

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