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Same great food, brand new lounge

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:27 -- Katie Horvath
interior of Cravin's restaurant

Helen Politis has owned Cravin’s Chill and Grill for 13 years. For over a decade they’ve been known for their chicken wings, draft beer, and the best Reuben’s in town.

When the chance to expand arrived, Politis wanted to take the opportunity without compromising the cozy atmosphere her customers came to know and love.  So, she turned her business into the best of both worlds: on one side, the same pub style location Sarnians have always treasured, and next door, a brand new Cravin’s lounge, (the “c” lounge), fully equipped for private parties and events with seating for up to 60 people.  From birthday parties to small wedding receptions, the possibilities are endless.  

But that’s not all.  In addition to providing a space for private parties and events, Politis has also transformed her Exmouth Street business into a one stop shop for all your weekend entertainment needs.  Thursday nights boast a wide range of live music, with a variety of artists and genres featured weekly.  “I don’t like to limit it to a specific style.  A lot of musicians with their own styles and own following come to us.  As long as it’s the kind of music my customers would like, I like to keep the invitation open.” Some Friday and Saturday evenings feature live DJs, so after 11pm on the pub side you can head over to the lounge for a night of drinks and dancing.  

When asked about her motivation behind the expansion, Politis states she really wanted the opportunity to host private events without changing the feel of the original pub.  “We [the c lounge] now do catering outside of the Cravin’s menu, and can transform the whole room into a banquet.  Folks don’t have to go extreme: there could be a buffet style food with people mingling, up to and including bringing in decorators for a more high-end banquet.  We have space to create whatever it is you’re looking for.”

To plan your event, Politis states the best way is to call the restaurant at 519-344-0004 to book a one on one meeting.  From here, she will sit down with you and get a feel for what type of party and food you’re planning, help you customize your menu, and aid you in bringing your party to life.  “We can go through the items together.  Some people want more buffet style finger foods, others look for things outside the typical pub item.  Its really specific to what the person is looking to have: so we discuss one on one and customize it together.”

If you haven’t been to Cravin’s in a while, its time to get excited.  Politis states its her customers that are the best part of her business, the regulars are like family, and she’s thrilled to showcase the new edition to her current space.  “It really is a one stop shop for entertainment.  You can have a private party.  You can come on the weekend and watch a game and have a draft beer.  Or you can go next door, listen to a DJ and dance all night.  It’s the best of both worlds, all in one location.”  

To book your private party call 519 344 0004 or email

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