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One Tooth is Sarnia’s downtown destination for ‘Fashletics’

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 14:33 -- Sheila Kozmin
owners of One Tooth

Fashionable athletic wear is appropriately coined ‘fashletics’ — and One Tooth is the go-to store for a fabulous selection. Fab-letics?

One Tooth, at 155 Front Street, is co-owned by sisters-in-law Heather Park and Patti-Jo Pumple, and 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of their successful clothing business. Customers may expect many surprises throughout the celebration year.

The store name is rooted in traditional Chinese folklore; the franchise owner/manufacturer who resides in Vancouver, once explained that One Tooth evolved from a concept meaning ‘to act with honesty and integrity’. (His grandma had warned him as a child that if he lied he would lose a tooth and so, he vowed to always tell the truth.) He brings that core value of honesty to his business and manufacturing practices as well as to customer service. “We follow his example every day,” said Pumple.

The top-quality (mainly Canadian-made) selection of active wear at One Tooth is not just intended for the gym. “You can transition your athletic wear for going to the office or out to dinner,” said Pumple. “It is very trendy to wear athletic clothing in different ways and we can help our customers with style tips showing them how to transition pieces.” Versatile athletic pants from One Tooth can be dressed up with heels in the evening or paired with flats for a more casual look during the workday.

Today’s trends include all things strappy, colourful and odour-resistant; jogger-style pants and loose-fitting tops create comfort with style. Patti-Jo credits Heather for being “an amazing style coordinator” who can assist customers to choose just the right look. “But we’re about more than selling clothes,” she said. “We focus on people, on their needs—and it’s not always just about shopping.”

The selection at One Tooth appeals to customers of all ages — tweens, teens, young adults and seniors. Rinie Borlina, an active and fashion-conscious octogenarian has a closet full of great pieces from One Tooth. “I originally started out with their sports clothes,” she said. “The colours are gorgeous and they last forever. The quality is great and I have a thing about supporting anything Canadian.” She loves how well their dresses fit, too.

The customer base at One Tooth includes many men as well. “Men’s underwear is a huge hit,” said Pumple. “We are the #1 independent retailer of My Package in Ontario thanks to how well Sarnia has received and enjoys the product.” The store now has an increased selection of men’s clothing.

Five years ago, when the two entrepreneurs teamed up, they were both definite about having a downtown location. “It’s beautiful downtown, with many great stores to interact with. Owning a business means being part of the community,” said Patti-Jo. One Tooth contributes to numerous local charities and fundraisers, admitting that they never say no to a request.  

The future of One Tooth promises to be exciting and full. Change is constant and the store will keep up with changing times and trends. Park and Pumple travel extensively to bring fresh and new ideas to the Sarnia area. Some things will not change, though. Pumple enthuses that shopping at One Tooth will continue to be a ‘social experience’ with great customer service, a great selection of Canadian made quality products at a great price point. “We are thankful for how we have been received in the community and we look forward to many more exciting years,” she said.

Visit One Tooth at 155 Front Street or for a fab-letic experience!

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