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One Tooth hosts Canada’s Vintage Fashion Guru

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 12:59 -- Kimberly Powell...
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There was a lot of fun and high energy within Sarnia’s One Tooth last month sparked by Julia Grieve who visited from Toronto for the Front Street shop’s first Sip, Shop & Style event.

“Julia is an amazing woman who owns and runs her own successful fashion business and we love her,” says Patti-Jo Pumple, one half of the sister-in-law partnership running One Tooth. “We meet with her twice a year for buying and she is so enjoyable and knowledgeable, so we asked her to come.”  

More than 20 years in the Canadian Fashion Industry, Julia, the Creator and Founder of the women’s lifestyle brand, Preloved shared her story, style tips and socialized with local shoppers on Wednesday, March 27 and the vibe was high and exciting.

“Julia is just so energetic and great and we love the product,” says Heather Park, the other half of the sister-in-law partnership operating One Tooth. Preloved has been available at One Tooth for 6.5 years. “It was the first non-One Tooth product we brought into the store,” says Patti-Jo. “It’s Canada-made and that’s our heart.”

One Tooth means acting with honesty and integrity and Preloved is perfectly aligned with the aim to provide ethically produced and Canada-made merchandise.

Preloved is Canada’s one-of-a-kind brand, creating sustainable and fashion forward clothing since 1995. Its hallmark is reclaimed vintage fabrics expertly combined with new luxe accents to create unique pieces and all manufactured and designed with love in Canada.

The Preloved team carefully curates each piece of reclaimed vintage, blending with deadstock and overrun fabrics to create unique garments. Over the past 20 years they have breathed new life into more than 1,000,000 sweaters that would otherwise be in the landfill.

“I became an accidental environmentalist. We had no idea,” says Julia. “We set out to make you look good and saving the planet just happened and it couldn’t be ignored.”

The magic happens in the Preloved studio situated in the middle of their factory located in Scarborough ensuring that they’re there every step of the way.

Julia is a small retail owner at heart and says she has a soft spot for a well-run boutique. “One Tooth has been a great supporter of the brand and philosophy for so long.”

 The Preloved, brick and mortar shop, closed its doors in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood in 2014 to concentrate on its future in e-commerce and exclusive collaborations with large retailers and has taken Preloved into the wholesale market worldwide and focussed with a new interface online.

Patti-Jo and Heather opened One Tooth in 2012 and were recently featured on Julia’s, The Life blog in honour of International Women’s Day. “I was so inspired by their friendship and connection going into business together,” says Julia. “They’re proof that family and friends can work together successfully,” she adds. The blog spotlights their relationship, how it strengthens their business and the ways Patti-Jo and Heather empower women to feel good about themselves.

The Sip, Shop & Style event is the first of many events One Tooth plans to host in the future with the intention to build community and have fun.

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