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One Tooth is activewear and so much more!

Thu, 08/30/2018 - 11:23 -- Karen Minty
owners of One Tooth

Who better to be business partners with than your friend, sister-in-law, and travel companion? One Tooth owners Heather Park and Patti Jo Pumple think their great relationship contributes to their success and allows them to have fun running the business.

One Tooth Activewear opened its door in July 2012 and the partners have never looked back. They always wanted to go into business together, but it wasn’t until earlier that year while working out that the idea came to them. They realized they didn’t have appropriate workout clothes and someone suggested the brand One Tooth. Heather went online where she found that she couldn’t order the clothes online, but she could buy a franchise!

“We did our research. We met with the One Tooth owner, considered financial feasibility and looked for a location. We knew we wanted to be downtown. If any of those things didn’t work out, we decided we would forget it, but all three came together,” says Heather.

One Tooth is both a franchise and a clothing line made in Vancouver. The store carries additional brand-name lines of clothing and the owners pride themselves that 80% of their merchandise is Canadian-made.

Their tagline is “Activewear and so much more!” Whether you’re looking for the perfect workout attire, an office outfit, comfy jeans or that perfect dress for a friend’s wedding, you can find something at One Tooth. They keep the store fresh and new by constantly seeking out exciting products based on their customer’s feedback.

In fact, they also sell men’s clothing and recently renovated the store to accommodate the larger men’s department. They started with a line of men’s underwear called ‘My Pakage’ and it has been their best-selling item since opening. The brand has since changed to ‘BN3TH’ and will be expanding soon to include women’s underwear.

“We know great service contributes to our store’s success, but we also need to keep up with our customers’ needs to stay in the game. We now have an online store on our website that includes both signature pieces as well as new items,” explains Patti Jo.

Patti Jo and Heather love that their store is in the downtown core. They always encourage people to shop downtown and actively participate in events such as Artwalk and are open late every First Friday. One Tooth can often be found at local charity fashion shows such as the Unleashed event in support of the SPCA and Couture for the Cause which supports Breast Cancer.

“It’s easy to be successful when you have the right business partner, share the same goals and have a supportive family and friends,” Patti Jo smiles. “Our skills compliment each other’s and we enjoy working together. It’s a choice to make it fun, and we choose to have fun!”

One Tooth is located at 155 Front Street North. They are opened Monday - Friday from 9:30 - 5:30 with extended hours on Thursdays until 8 pm, and Saturdays 9:30 - 5. You can contact them at 519-491-0800 or check out their website at

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