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Northgate Pharmacy offers new service to their customers

Fri, 12/29/2017 - 16:55 -- Karen Minty
Richard Kelch

Richard Kelch, pharmacist and owner of Northgate Pharmacy, has always liked the idea of a small traditional pharmacy that focused solely on the customers and the pharmaceuticals. That’s why he opened Northgate Pharmacy over 10 years ago, because he wants to take care of his customers.  

When I inquired, what is the funniest question you’ve ever been asked by a customer, Richard Kelch grins and says, “Honestly, it’s do you know how to get a skunk out from under a porch.” After a good laugh, he says the most frequently asked question is to explain or clarify information patients have read and don’t understand. “Whether they are trying to wade through the mass amount of information overload on the internet or interpret their lab results, they simply need help to understand what they are reading.”

That’s the kind of relationship that Northgate Pharmacy has with their customers, personal and up close. Oftentimes customers will call or drop by and explain what’s wrong to see if it can be resolved with an over-the-counter medication or something that requires a prescription from their doctor.  

Questions like these are why Northgate Pharmacy is excited to offer a new specialized service to its customers called the Wellness Plus Program. Kelch explains, “it’s a medication synchronization and management program.” What does that mean? It means that you can sit down with a pharmacist to verify and review all your medications, and start the alignment process to have all your refills come due at the same time. This will reduce the need for multiple visits to the pharmacy each month.

The Wellness Plus Program is also meant to improve people’s compliance to taking their medications consistently. Kelch explains, “if one bottle is almost empty and the other isn’t, then that’s a sign you are forgetting to take one.”  

In addition, this allows the pharmacy to improve their workflow, ensure your medication is in stock when needed, and to prepare your order ahead of time so you don’t have to wait or experience delays. With better workflow, the staff will have more time to spend with each customer who has questions and concerns, and explain all those things you’ve read and don’t understand.  

They also offer a smart phone app called HealthQR. This mobile app allows you to check how many refills you have, when they are due, and even allows you to order your refill right from your phone. Knowing how many refills you have will help you remember when it’s time to schedule another doctor visit for a new prescription.  

Richard Kelch and his staff of thirteen are hoping that this will allow them more time to better help their customers get control of their health issues, choose the most appropriate medication therapy, and better understand what medications they are taking.  A thorough consultation with one of the six pharmacists from Northgate Pharmacy will ensure you have all the information you need to leave feeling comfortable and confident about your medication. It is the small personal touches and commitment to their customers that makes Northgate Pharmacy stand apart.  

Northgate Pharmacy is at 560 Exmouth Street, and is open Monday-Friday 9-7 and Saturday 9-1. To book your Wellness Plus Program consultation, call 519-344-8222.

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