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Northern Star Yoga Featuring Liquido Active Wear

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 09:28 -- Sheila Kozmin
Julie Kohlmeier

Yoga instructor and online fashion entrepreneur, Julie Kohlmeier, has a favourite slogan to describe Liquido Active Wear: From Studio to Street in Style.

Kohlmeier, a former Sarnia dental assistant and certified yoga instructor, is the dynamic, passionate founder of Northern Star Yoga and the Canadian Distributor for Liquido Active Wear—a unique Brazil-based clothing brand specializing in eye-popping leggings and sport tops. “Women can pick prints they’re attracted to and feel good,” she said. “Everybody looks amazing!”  

All Liquido merchandise is limited edition, with entirely new prints and patterns introduced every month. “Once an exclusive print is gone, it’s gone,” said Kohlmeier. “Not every woman is wearing the same thing.”

The buttery soft fabric is of exceptional quality; each garment is not only beautiful, it is durable and quick drying with 50SPF protection. Julie bought her first pair of leggings six years ago and they still look brand new. Even Marilyn Dennis is a fan of the brand. She recently featured Northern Star Yoga on her popular television show, which resulted in 300 new sales in one day! “That was great exposure since 90% of my business is with repeat customers,” said Julie.

Online sales of Liquido clothing are promoted through social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram; Julie encourages Northern Star Yoga ‘ambassadors’ to post personal photos wearing their Liquido outfits. She also attends the annual Toronto Trade Show and, most recently, the Sarnia Modern Women’s Show.

Kohlmeier reminds women that Liquido Active Wear is not only functional for yoga, running and workouts, but is ideal for every day or eveningwear as well. Accessorize with long tops and sweaters to wear with strappy sandals or winter boots. These deliciously comfortable leggings are stylishly versatile. “They are bold and beautiful—just like you,” she said. She also encourages men to visit her website to purchase fabulous gifts for the women in their lives.

Kohlmeier continues to set goals for her company. She wants to grow her online customer base with increased awareness Canada-wide through her website. Travel to trade shows in other provinces is on her radar. “We have a strong customer base in Quebec,” she said. She loves learning about all aspects of business and feels supported by a great team at both the U.S. distribution centre and the factory in Sao Paolo. Julie believes that the secret to a successful business is to “sell and market something that you love while keeping a good life balance and having strong family support.”

Liquido, owned by Arthur Motta, has been operating (with fair business practices) since 2001—and boasts 80 storefronts in Brazil. The technologically advanced textiles create “bioactive clothing capable of promoting a new way of interacting between fabric and skin to increase well-being.”

Kohlmeier reassures that customers can expect delivery within 2-3 days. “My entire inventory on the website is locally accessible,” she said. She offers a one-time $25-off coupon for new customers. Use coupon code FM25 in the discount box on the website. Business hours are weekdays, 9 to 5.

Forward your questions to and visit to browse her “bold and beautiful limited edition active wear.”

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