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Lilith Boutique Helps Women Feel Beautiful

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 12:14 -- Angela Crich
Christine Yurchuk

There is a sign above the door that says, “Because all women deserver to feel beautiful … every day.”

Christine Yurchuk says that is her main goal with Lilith Boutique.

“I made that saying up because I honestly believe it. Women need to feel beautiful, not just on the day they are married, or the day they get engaged or the day they fall in love, but every single day of their life,” says Yurchuk. “You would be amazed at how a pretty undergarment can make a difference to the image a woman sees in the mirror.”

Yurchuk recalls growing up with low self-esteem. She credits T.V. personality, Oprah Winfrey, with teaching her to feel better about herself. She is trying to instill greater self-esteem in her children and her customers.

Yurchuk worked as a mastectomy fitter with her own business, The Fitting Room. The offices were located in the Royal LePage building. Last year, Yurchuk was looking to expand her business when she received a phone call from Reg Grandis. Reg and Maureen were looking to sell Lilith Boutique in Petrolia and wondered if Yurchuk would like to buy some of their mastectomy stock.

“I went out to Petrolia to have a look and the next thing I knew, I bought the whole business. It felt right buying a respectable, well-established business.”

Lilith Boutique had been in Petrolia for 11 years. The Grandises had already sold the building and since Yurchuk lives in Sarnia, she shopped around for a suitable business location in the city.

“When I worked downtown, I often spent my lunchtime shopping in the boutiques. When I was looking for the right location for Lilith, the downtown seemed to be the place to be. I think the original vibe for downtowns is really coming back.”

In February 2016, Lilith moved into a 700 square foot location on Christina Street. After a year of business, Yurchuk realized the location was too small. In February of this year, she moved into her current 1,500 square feet location at 184 N. Christina St.

“The new location allowed me to carry more clothing lines and expand into the leisure and cruise wear lines. It also gave me an opportunity to express the feeling I wanted the store to have. I wanted women to feel beautiful in their own mind. Every woman is unique and I don’t think we ever get the opportunity to wrap our head around that fully.”

Lilith Boutique is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Yurchuk still does mastectomy fittings, either by appointment or drop in.

“These women look in the mirror one minute and all they see is one breast. They see distortion and pain. After they have been fitted with a mastectomy, they can see their shape again. They can see that they are filling out their clothes. It doesn’t fix the psychological pain, but it does help.”

Yurchuk has lost several family members to various forms of cancer.

“I have seen the effect of cancer, how it can take life from you so painfully and so quickly. I decided I wanted to be involved in helping people who survived,” says Yurchuk.

In addition to the mastectomy part of the business, Lilith sells a wide range of clothing for all ages from teens to her oldest customer, who is 109.

Bras are sold covering a white range of styles and sizes (28  - 56 band and AA to M cup). Yurchuk can help with fitting. She finds that many women wear the wrong size bra.

“Once you put a woman in the right fitting bra, it changes your waistline. Your breasts are no longer overshadowing your waist.”

Lilith also carries shapewear. Sleepwear from Cool Girl and Wild Bleu helps with menopausal sweating and hot flashes. There are bathing suits and cover-ups, loungewear and sleep wear.

“I look for things that are stylish and comfortable.”

The items she has chosen for vacation wear can be worn in the hotel room, at the pool, at the beach and then, with a necklace, at dinner.

In addition to women’s clothing, Lilith sells a very popular line of men’s underwear called Saxx. Women have bought them for the men in their lives and the men end up coming back for more. The underwear features a panelled fabric hammock that separates a man’s package from his legs. It comes in a wide assortment of colours and sizes.

Yurchuk is currently the only employee at the business, but during the busier times, she is hoping to employ her daughter part time.

For more information about Lilith Boutique, visit or call 519-384-2880.

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