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Lilith Boutique

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 14:53 -- Karen Minty
Lilith Boutique owner, Christine Yurchuk

Proudly displaying her Outstanding Business Achievement Award acts as a daily reminder to Lilith Boutique owner, Christine Yurchuk, that customer service is everything. She won the award earlier this year in the category of Outstanding Customer Service - Small Business. Her formula for success: a professional skill-set and knowledge, beginning to end products and service, and a corporate culture built on compassion and care.

Christine’s skill-set comes from certification in bra, mastectomy, and compression fitting. Each supplier provides their own training about the various products available, how to measure and fit a woman, and complicated size calculations. Christine stresses the importance of a properly fitting bra by comparing it to a mattress purchase; people will spend lots of time and money to select the right one to ensure their daily comfort. The same should apply to a bra as it’s the most important garment a woman wears everyday.

Lilith Boutique carries an extended line of bras for every size, 28AA - 54H, and for every budget. Bras range from $38 for American-made right up to $172 for a European-made Prima Donna from Belgium. Lilith Boutique also offers a wide range of post-mastectomy products, as well as women’s clothing, panties, pajamas, and of course swimwear and cruisewear all year round.

Christine’s commitment to her clients stretches beyond her store’s hours and location. When necessary, she books private or after hour appointments for her clients and house calls are available for those who are unable to come into the store.  

Her Outstanding Customer Service Award also recognizes her extensive training and knowledge in mastectomy fittings, products, and the financial aid that’s available. She is also trained in the different types, grades, and stages of breast cancer. Her emotional training involved practicing on real mastectomy survivors. “Often, I am the first one outside her doctor and immediate partner to see those scars, so that vulnerability must be approached with caring and compassion.” Christine highly recommends a pre-surgery visit to Lilith Boutique to better understand the journey to recovery and to see what is available to help with the recovery stage after surgery.  

As Lilith Boutique’s success continues to gain momentum, Christine has expanded both the physical space and scope of her business by opening Lilith Gallery & Gifts. The beautifully decorated room at the back of the store boasts space for 25-30 people and can be rented for paint parties, workshops, showers, or meetings. Artwork from local artists Gayle Nicholson and Cathy Earle are currently on display, as well as products from local small businesses.

When asked why she does what she does, Christine answers, “Sometimes women are so hard on themselves. I just want them to feel good about themselves. I’ve seen it over, and over again, when a woman is fitted with the right bra, she stands taller, her posture changes, the shoulders go back. Then, the smile appears on her face.” Her favourite quote is one from famous bra designer, Marlie Dekker. “You are as beautiful, as sensual, as desirous as you believe yourself to be.” She winks and says that she’s just there to show you the possibilities.

Lilith Boutique is located at 184 N. Christina Street. You can reach Christine at 519-491-5256 or pop into the store, open Tuesday – Friday 10-5, and Saturdays 10-3.

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