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Ladies...put your best foot forward please

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 12:03 -- Dena Kent-Esbjerg
Stephanie Lobsinger and her daughter Annabelle

It is that time of year when we all love to celebrate with friends and family. We share gifts, laughter and look back at just how lucky we are.

But we all know that there are those who are less fortunate out there that will not experience that same warm and fuzzy feeling, nor will they get a gift.

This year, Stephanie Lobsinger and her daughter Annabelle are going to try and make some dreams come true.  They have headed up The Shoebox Project, supported by Dreams.

Thirteen year old Annabelle works closely with WE Schools at St. Anne’s Catholic School and is very passionate about social justice. On her summer break this year, Annabelle was awarded a position as a Legislative Page at Queens Park in Toronto. During this time she sought out Caroline Mulroney, Attorney General of Ontario, to question her on how she could assist the less fortunate in our community.

Thus began the Shoebox Project. After getting their application approved they were off and running. There is not a lot of time between now and Christmas, so they are looking for everyone’s help. The ladies are hoping to put together eighty shoe boxes that contain a variety of items such as socks, mittens, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, nail polish, chocolate and $10 gift cards. They will then wrap and distribute the boxes just before Christmas.

“I believe in kindness above all,” says Annabelle, adding “Everyone deserves respect.” This incredible young lady has the full support of her family, including grandma Anne, and you can see the pride in her moms face, who adds, “This is such a magical time of year and everyone deserves a little bit of magic.”

The gifts will be distributed to the Interval Women’s home, Inn of the Good Sheppard, sexual assault survivors and those who are homeless. You can drop the items off at any of the following locations: Sarnia Golf and Curling Club, Bob Bailey’s office, Fuzion Hair Concepts, Norton Hairstyling and Allstate insurance on Quinn Drive. Ideally they would like the donations by December 7th but will accept gifts right up until December 14th. You do not have to supply the box but if you have one that is great. They will also accept any giftwrap you can provide to them.

So ladies, if you are having a festive party prior to the 14th of December, hit up your lady friends to put a few things in a shoe box and together we can all make a difference.

You can visit their Face Book page or email Stephanie at for more information.

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