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Labour boss needs a reality check

Tue, 08/01/2017 - 13:55 -- Chris Cooke

Jason McMichael doesn’t own a business.

Jason McMichael doesn’t have employees.

Jason McMichael doesn’t have any of the risks associated with owning a business.

Yet there he was as president of the Sarnia and District Labour Council more than willing to tell me and dozens of other business owners why $15.00 an hour minimum wage and an assortment of other Draconian labour laws are good for me and good for the Ontario economy.

They aren’t but he thinks they are.

At a Chamber sponsored Town Hall on the same stage with Susan Houston, a prominent labour lawyer and Karl Baldauf a policy and government relations’ advisor with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, McMichael used sweeping questionable statements to support his belief that making business more expensive in Ontario is good for working Ontarians.

He used feel good stuff like “raising people out of poverty has never hurt business” and “domestic consumption drives the economy and increasing the minimum wage provides more money for necessities”.
McMichael is tone deaf to reality.

He is tone deaf to the fact that 43% of the Ontario economy is predicated on exports, mostly to the United States where Donald Trump is reducing business taxes, reducing government regulation and “tinkering” with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

McMichael apparently doesn’t believe Magna International Inc. when senior executives say Ontario’s new labour law scheduled for implementation this January threatens future investment and jobs and will make its auto parts business less competitive.

He doesn’t believe Magna, with 50 plants and 22,000 employees when it says proposed workplace changes are in addition to uncompetitive power rates, cap – and – trade and increased payroll and personal income tax rates.

And McMichael, who doesn’t own a business and doesn’t have any employees, is prepared to tell a Sarnia business retailer that doesn’t make $15.00 an hour that giving her employees $15.00 an hour is good for the economy.

Reality dictates her goods will cost more, sales will go down and she will likely have fewer employees, if any.

Jason McMichael needs to get a bank loan and start a business.

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