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Horwath Shows Up For Chamber Roundtable On Power

Mon, 03/06/2017 - 09:46 -- Chris Cooke

Power costs in Ontario are unsustainable.

That message from Andrea Horwath while in Sarnia last month. The NDP leader was vocal in denouncing the high cost of power saying it is driving small and medium sized businesses and especially manufacturers out of business.

Horwath participated in a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Sarnia Chamber of Commerce.

The roundtable was held at the Versatile Inn Hotel, owned by Chamber member Mehru Malik.

Malik told Horwath that soaring energy costs are putting pressure on her business and others in Sarnia and cross the province.

Horwath listened intently and then spelled out the New Democratic Party’s plan to overhaul what she described as an “unsustainable electric distribution system”.

Other Chamber members attending the roundtable discussion were Rick Perdeaux, owner of Toolrite Engineering, Karen Saunders of Hog Wild, Kathleen Mundy owner of local Little Caesar’s franchises, Mary Jean O’Donnell of MJ Waste Solutions and Eric Parsons, owner of two Coffee Culture locations in Sarnia.

Chamber president Shirley de Silva told Horwath Chamber members consistently complain that electricity pricing is a significant issue in the competitiveness of their businesses.

Incoming Chamber chairman, Michael Kooy echoed those sentiments telling Horwath that the business community is deeply impacted by the cost of power.

“We know the message is one that needs to be continually told,” says Kooy.

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