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Element6 Solutions offers innovative approach to engineering

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 12:55 -- Angela Crich
2 men with 3D laser scanning equipment

Element6 Solutions is offering consulting and engineering services with a twist. Increased demand for their Virtual Plant Design™ (VPD) workflow has led to the opening of the Sarnia office in February.

The VPD workflow utilizes 3D laser scanning and Microsoft HoloLens (augmented reality headset) technology to streamline the engineering, design and review processes. Element6 Solutions niche is brownfield/sustaining projects involving existing infrastructure and documentation that is not always accurate.

The Element6 team encompasses strong engineering experience covering all disciplines. There are three offices; one in Sarnia, one in Halifax and the head office in Georgetown. The multidisciplinary, multi-office distributed team collaborates using Microsoft Teams platform enabling anyone to work from anywhere. Leveraging the VPD workflow and online collaboration platform, Element6 has serviced clients and plants around Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. On-site, online, around the globe as their slogan says.

The Element6 name is based on the five classical elements: earth, water, air, fire, and ether.

“The sixth element is the human element. We are bringing innovation and chemistry to life,” says Owner Rob Jickling.

Element6 opened an office in Sarnia because of the Chemical Valley and the growth that is occurring in a number of area businesses.

“Our goal is to try and fill in some of the gaps. Many of the larger refineries are so busy with various projects that they do not have the time or the personnel to devote to projects. That is where we come in,” says Jeff Rutledge, P. Engineer.

The Element6 team is skilled in project management; regulatory advice; capital planning; reliability and maintenance; process optimization and productivity improvement; project implementation oversight; concept and scope development; basic, FEED and detailed engineering; project and construction management.

The support staff are knowledgeable in a number of areas including pipe stress analysis; pressure vessel design and fitness for service; process design; reaction processes; batch mixing; filling and packaging; storage, processing and handling of flammable and combustible gases, liquids and powders; process pigging and product recovery; dust collection and industrial ventilation; process safety – fire and explosion mitigation.

Element6 offers a one-stop shop, which allows them to provide quotes quicker and more accurately.

“We are trying to provide a solution that is less segmented. It’s less about having multiple companies design things. We’re trying to bring it all together,” says Rutledge.

Element6 does their own as-built data collection using in-house 3D laser scanning that provides accurate dimensions and rendering of existing equipment.

“We are usually able to spend about a few hours on the site, get our measurements and provide them with the data they need within a short time frame,” says Rutledge. “It also means that the company only gets the data they need and not more than they need. It is working in the most efficient way possible.”

“We are not making multiple trips to the site and the measurements we use are a lot more precise,” says Alec Cooke, Engineer.

This efficient manner often enables them to have quotes back to the company as early as a day. They offer flexible work hours such as weekends and evenings.

For a free demonstration of VPD or more information on Element6 Solutions, call Jeff Rutledge at 226-778-7900, email, or visit them online.

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