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Dear Publisher,

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 12:21 -- Chris Cooke

First Monday seems to exist for the sole purpose of attacking Liberals and especially the ON Wynne government. For that reason I rarely get past the first page rant by Publisher Cooke, which is always comical and full of fake news and alternative facts.

Mr Cooke rants continually about ‘high energy costs’ running his propaganda media machine in his predictable columns. On the TV news I just heard a London Hydro spokeswoman say a whopping 2% of London’s hydro customers are behind in their bills and in danger of default. 2%! From reading Publisher Cooke’s columns I was under the impression it was more like 75% or something.

Perhaps publisher Cooke could just move his production to San Francisco or Chicago or maybe Detroit. That’s a great idea, except those places all have even higher energy costs than Ontario. Ok, how about moving to Boston or New York? Nope. Those places energy costs are higher, much higher, than Ontario too. Alright, how about moving the propaganda machine to Halifax, Charlottetown or even Regina? On second thought it wouldn’t help much since energy rates and costs in those places are about equivalent to Ontario. Ok, let’s just pack up and go to Houston, then. Texas is a jolly good right wing state where Publisher Cooke should feel right at home! And because of all this conservative ‘common sense’ Houston has lower energy rates than any of the previously named cities!! Voila! Problem solved!

Or is it? Texas has at least 45 of those dreaded pollution free wind farm projects and Texas produces the most wind power of any American state! Uh oh. That’s not good. This sure throws a monkey wrench into our plans. Publisher Cooke and the ON PC Party rant regularly about how much they despise pollution free wind farms and renewable energy! And it also means we might as well just forget about all of that stuff Conservatives are always screaming about how ‘wind power causes energy prices to rise!!’ because that sure isn’t the case in Texas! So now where to? Somewhere with no nasty wind farms and lots of fossil fuels…ok, maybe Saudi Arabia fits that bill! Saudi Arabia is the word’s oil Mecca and it just doesn’t get much more conservative right wing than Saudi Arabia! Problem solved! I would expect Mr. Cooke should be very happy running his propaganda machine from there.

But wait! Saudi Arabia has recently signed on to Japan’s carbon offset mechanism that promotes investment and deployment of technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - in Saudi Arabia!  On top of that the first wind turbine was just delivered to Saudi Arabia by GE last December and the Saudi goal is to produce 10 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030! Oh well. We tried, but it looks as though Publisher Cooke might just as well stay here in Ontario and try not to complain so much.

- Stanton Earle, Sarnia

Publisher’s Note:

I suggest the writer try paying my power bills. They totalled $193,000 for November, December, January and February. It works out to 19.5 cents/kilowatt.

My competitor in Chicago pays a nickel per kilowatt.

Interestingly enough Kathleen Wynne just announced a 25 per cent reduction in residential power rates now that her popularity has collapsed to just 12 per cent and an election looms.

The writer needs to step into the real world, which just happens to be my world.

- Chris Cooke

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